Artsy Fartsy Tourists on Parade

(The title of my post is a line from a song called ‘Into a Mall’ by Don Henry)

Hello Campers!

What a busy weekend we had!  Not only was it a Bank Holiday weekend but we had the usual Cliftonville market on Sunday and the big market for the Ramsgate Arts Summer Squall on Monday.  Chef P took off on Tuesday and it’s a good thing because we both needed a day to recuperate as we were both completely exhausted!

I had been so busy over the past 2-3 weeks getting things made and prepared for the two markets that I barely had time to do any posting as you may have noticed. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)  I was also very worried on Friday as I checked the weather and it showed that we were going to have a rainy weekend but luckily, the weather held out and everything was fine.

Sunday’s market started out not so good…it was quite windy and I debated on whether to even set up.  I hate when it’s windy because the table cloths blow around and it’s difficult to have signage as they blow away.  Because it was so cloudy and windy, not very many people turned out but the weather brightened up and the sun came out which brought the people out, but it was towards the end of the market time…too little, too late as they say…sigh.

Monday morning was another early start…up at 5:00 to be at Ramsgate at 8:00 to set up before everything started at 10:00.  I don’t like to rush and I have too much to do in the morning before we head out.  We did repack the car the night before, but I don’t usually do that part anyway; no, I get out of bed and come down and get the first pot of coffee going (decaf…or ‘unleaded’ as my dad prefers to call it) so that I can fill a thermos for myself.  Then I have to clean out the coffee filter and put in regular coffee (leaded) for Chef P’s thermos.  I also get some of my breakfast prepped (usually a hearty bowl of my posh porridge) then head up to shower and dress.  Once I get back downstairs, I get the kitties bowls cleaned out as they have to be fed before we leave and clean out the litter boxes.  I still have to make a sandwich or two and pack up the cooler.  Once Chef P comes down to get his coffee, I can fill up his thermos and clean up the coffee machine.  Oh yeah, I need to cook my breakfast so I can eat.  By this time I’m running around with the bowl of porridge in my hand as I head upstairs to make the bed and do something with my hair, get my jewelry on and head back down to clean up the dishes.  By now it’s about 7:45 and time to head out.  No wonder I’m exhausted…and the day has just begun! 🙂

The weather started out really nice.  The Ramsgate festival is well organized and quite a professionally run gig.  We all had these great tables with skirts around them and little canopies on top.  I booked two tables as I have so much.  All the stalls were set up down on the harbor parade and I was set up right in front where everyone walked by…woo hoo!

As it was a Bank Holiday weekend, there were lots of people, locals and tourists.  Where we were set up, everyone was walking by, heading down to the beach.  Many of them stopped on the way down but said they’d be by when they headed back from the beach later on as they didn’t want to carry the stuff down with them…can’t really blame them.  Along the walkway area, they have these rather large (think LARGE beach ball size) cement balls that are spaced about 5-6 feet apart, you really can’t miss them (you can see them in the picture below).  I wish I had a dollar for everyone that walked into one of them as they went by!  One lady who walked into one apparently must have done so before…she was wearing sandals and one of her feet was wrapped up in a bandage!

I had lots of props for my jars to give height which also saved room on the table.  I had an old wine box that I used for my packs of bread dip mix along with a bowl of olive oil and the mix as a sample with chunks of my homemade bread to dip into it.  I also have a few samples of the jams and chutneys for people to try with some small crackers.

I also had lots of brownies, with and without nuts and a whole lot of whoopie pies.  I lost count as to how many times I was asked what a whoopie pie was!  I think for next time, I’m going to make up a little sign explaining what they are.


We had a brief sprinkling of rain in the early afternoon, but nothing to get excited about.  It wasn’t like we had to duck for cover, thank goodness!

There were lots of stalls selling various things: cupcakes, homemade wines, tea, soaps and incense, magic props, handmade toys, jewelry, bakery goods, olives and Italian cookies and of course a few food stalls selling venison burgers, grilled chicken and beef and bacon sandwiches.  I had the smell of bacon wafting through my nose all day!



So all in all, it was a great day, had lots of fun, met some people and made some money.  We were both exhausted by the time we got home which was nearly 6:00 that evening.  Luckily Chef P made dinner but I was so tired I could barely eat.  I was in bed by 9:00 and Chef P followed shortly.

If anyone is interested in giving me a Friday Foodie Word for tomorrow, just give me a page number (1-632) and a word number (1-25) and I’ll give your blog a mention…

♥  Terri  ♥



Busy, busy, busy!

Hello Campers!

Again, I know, I’ve been quite slack in posting anything except music these past few weeks.  I’ve just been quite busy, that’s why!

Wow, can you believe we’re in the middle of August already?  Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas! 😉

A few weeks ago, I received an email asking if I’d like to set up at a venue at the end of the month and when asked, I don’t normally turn it down as it’s a nice change from just setting up at the normal Cliftonville Farmers Market each month.

The new venue is an annual festival that takes place in the next town over, in Ramsgate at the Royal Harbor.  It’s called the Ramsgate Arts Summer Squall and it runs for three days over the bank holiday weekend.  This is their third year for it and Janice, the lady who is organising it said that it gets lots of people, especially since it is a bank holiday weekend.  There will also be another event going on during the same weekend called the Harbor Steam which will attract even more people!  I’m just hoping that the weather is nice!

Ramsgate Royal Harbour

A bit of trivia:  The Ramsgate Harbor is the only harbor in all of the UK with the designation of ‘Royal’.

I’ll be set up at Cliftonville on Sunday the 26th and then at Ramsgate on Monday the 27th.  I’ve been trying to make enough stock to cover me for both days, along with some new items that I will be taking to Ramsgate only, including whoopie pies, brownies, bread dip mix and some new jam flavors like Apricot, Passion Fruit & Brandy Jam, which I just made today.

I still have plums, raspberries and cherries to work with yet and I’m thinking about making some other baked goodie to go along with the whoopie pies and brownies.



Looking forward to watching TV tonight as the new series of the Great British Bake Off starts.  I love watching the contestants making things that don’t always turn out…nobody is perfect! (actually, I really like watching it because of Paul Hollywood and those gorgeous blue eyes of his! ~ I’m a sucker for blue eyes, which is why I fell for Chef P!)

Sorry this is a short post, but I didn’t want you all to think I’ve abandoned you!

It’s now time to head back into the kitchen and get dinner prep going on…salmon fillets, broccoli and noodles.  Easy prep, but it still has to be done.  Have a good afternoon and evening all!

♥  Terri  ♥



So What’s Been Going On?

Good Day, Dear Reader!

Now I realise I haven’t been around for a few days, (with the exception of the Sunday Song posts) but I’ve been a bit busy having things taken care of around the house here.

I get lots of light coming in from the windows and sky light

First off, all last week I spent giving the kitchen a THOROUGH cleaning.  I have a fairly large kitchen, so it can take a while to get through it all.  On Monday, after cleaning the bathroom in the morning, I started in the kitchen with the upper portion, armed with my stepladder and a wet rag, wiping down the molding that goes all the way around where the wall meets the ceiling, along with the top of the fridge and the top of any cabinets I could reach.  I also got a bit of a workout as I had to keep getting up and down off the stepladder to keep rinsing the rag out. (burn, calories, burn!)

The next day, I tackled the mid section, working on the cabinets, walls and windows and sill and removed everything from the counters (a bit at a time) and wiped everything down…whew!

On Wednesday, I worked on the lower half, did a good vacuuming and sweeping and then a mopping of the floor.  After doing all of that, I didn’t want to mess up my kitchen by having to cook, but alas, I did…

Thursday was taken up by vacuuming the rest of the house and finally getting a bit of a rest afterwards!

Remember me mentioning that the fan oven on my range had broken?  Well the guy was finally here this past Friday to fix it and, yay, it’s fixed!  My only gripe was that he called and said he would be here between 11:00 and 2:00 and didn’t show up until after 2:30!   I can now bake my bread properly again.  It just didn’t seem to be coming out the way it should in the other oven; it wasn’t rising correctly and it wasn’t cooking all the way through…yuck.

Are you still with me, because I’m probably boring the hell out of you!  I’m very sorry, but I don’t have much else to mention right now as I haven’t really baked or cooked anything of great interest lately.  Besides, this blog is about anything and everything that goes on in my kitchen, so why not just talk about cleaning it and posting some pictures of it?

On Monday, we had two of our windows fixed.  One in the bedroom; the handle broke off a while ago and then one in the kitchen; the handle didn’t break off, but it was worn and wouldn’t open.  Now, they’re both fixed and all windows can be opened again!  The kitties don’t have to fight now over who gets the window upstairs. 🙂

Yesterday I finally got back to making things for the market which is a week from Sunday.  Chef P got me some blackberries so I decided to make something different, so made Blackberry Chutney.  You really can’t taste chutney right away to see how it is as it’s one of those things that needs to mature for a bit before you eat it.  Today, I’m in the middle of making Orange Marmalade…

Chef P is taking tomorrow off and we’re heading down to Broadstairs for the Olympic Torch Relay.  It will be going right past Mummy-in-law’s flats, so we’ll be up on her balcony with a great view!  Sorry to say, I’m not that interested in actually watching the Olympics themselves, but watching the torch go by is an historic event and want to be part of it.

So that’s what’s going on right now in Terri’s Kitchen.  I figured a slightly terribly boring post was better than no post at all, right?  (Humor me.)

Market Cancelled

Just a quick post to all of you Cliftonville Market goers…

I’ve just recently gotten notice that the market is cancelled for Sunday due to the weather.  We’ve had so much rain and are due to get more on Sunday and also the ground is soaked and they can’t put up the gazebos along with the fact that we’re due to get 20 mph winds.  Not a great mix of things for a market.

See you all in May!


Bits and Bobs and Nuts and Bolts

Happy Wednesday All!

It’s a gorgeous day here in the SE of England as the sun is shining brightly!  We finally ‘Sprung Ahead’ this weekend with the clocks and now it’s still somewhat light at 8:00…woo hoo!

We took Buddy to the vet on Friday for his booster shot.  He wasn’t too happy about being there again, but he did OK, although the vet had a bit of a problem with trying to check his ears; he wanted no part of that!  We think he had a bit of a reaction to this shot because the next morning he was rather listless and subdued.  He was much better by Sunday morning.


The weather was absolutely lovely on Saturday so we were expecting the same on Sunday for the first market of the season…WRONG!  It was cloudy, foggy, misty and cold and a bit breezy.  It was as if it was saying to me, ‘Terri, this is what you get for not being here at the market all year like the rest of the vendors so you will be punished’.  All in all, there was a good crowd out and about and even a few of my regular customers came by who were all glad to see me back at the market.


My mum-in-law’s birthday was on Monday and the woman that cleans for her, brought her a lovely cake last Friday that she had made.  It was a vanilla sponge with strawberries and cream and she had it nicely decorated.  Kind of reminded me of a strawberry shortcake.  Well mum insisted asked us to take a bit of it home as she knew she wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing all by herself.  So of course I had to take some, after all I didn’t want to disappoint the woman!  Now, I know it’s something I shouldn’t eat, but I did.  AND IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!  I did just eat a few spoonfuls at a time rather than eating a whole piece. (I cut the cake in half, then cut the half in half and then cut the quarter in two and took those two pieces home) We got this on Saturday and I just finished it today, so I don’t think that was too bad.

Hubby won’t be home tonight as there is an awards ceremony for his job and he’s gotten three awards so he has to be there to accept them.  Apparently it’s a rather long ceremony and it will be rather late by the time it’s all over so he’s staying at a colleague’s house overnight.  So as it’s just me tonight, I can be a bit relaxed about when I have my dinner.  I made lamb burgers for dinner last night and I still have one left over, so I’ll be having that again tonight.  I have no problem with leftovers.  I might even have a martini…



And in the news:  Royal Mail will be upping it’s already high price of a first class stamp from 46p to a whopping 60p!  A second class stamp will go from thecurrent 36p to 50p, both effective at the end of April.  According to a Royal Mail spokesman, the price rises are ‘really needed, given our financial position’.  The only good thing about this is that stamps do not have the actual price on them, but only say 1st or 2nd class.  This means that we can buy all the stamps we want now at the current price and still use them once the price goes up and there’s no limit on how many you can buy.  I heard on the radio today that someone has bought about 4,000 stamps…that should hold them for awhile….



Try eating strong-smelling foods such as garlic, if you’re watching your weight.  Dutch scientists found strong smells tell our brains to take smaller bites – up to 10% smaller.  It’s possibly an evolutionary process that stopped cavemen taking large bites of rotten foods.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

♥♥ Terri  ♥♥

Chinese-Spiced Pork for South Beach Diet

Hey Y’all!

Been busy here at Terri’s Kitchen trying to get myself organised for the market on Sunday.  I must admit, it’s a bit rough getting back into the routine after taking a break for nearly 3 months!  However, I am excited about getting back to the market and seeing everyone.

Here’s another one from the GI Recipe book.  It says to grill/broil the chops, but I fried them up in the pan for 2-3 minutes each side and poured in the marinade.  Yes, it calls for honey, but it’s only a tablespoon worth and it’s divided among four, so it’s not going to hurt.  However, because of the honey, I would keep this for use in Phase 2 or 3.  It tasted really nice and I served them with braised kale and sweet potato oven fries.  And again, I forgot to take a pic…sigh.


1 tsp grated fresh root ginger

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

2 garlic cloves, crushed and minced

1 tbsp honey

2 tsp soy sauce

4 x pork loin steaks

In a plastic bag large enough to hold the steaks, combine all the ingredients except the steaks.  Mix it all up and add the steaks and slosh them around to coat.  Marinate in the fridge for at least two hours.

Preheat the grill/broiler.  Grill 4-5 minutes each side until cooked through.  Or heat some olive oil in a large skillet and add the steaks and cook about 2-3 minutes.  Flip over the steaks, add the remaining marinade and cook another 2-3 minutes.

Serve and enjoy!

♥♥ Terri  ♥♥


Terri’s Tasty Tip:

Sweeten the smell of your home with vanilla extract.  Estate agents and property stagers who specialise in making homes appealing to buyers recommend this tip.  Put a drop or two of vanilla extract on a light bulb, turn on the light and your hone will be filled with the appealing scent of fresh baking.

A Little Bit Less and the Market

Good Day Dearest Readers!

It’s time for me to start getting into gear again for the new season of Terri’s Kitchen at the Cliftonville Market, so I may not be posting as often, but I will try to keep up.  You will see ‘Song for a Sunday’ over the next couple of weeks as I’ve already scheduled those to post…and no, I’m not telling you what’s coming.  You’ll have to wait until Sunday!  The first market for me for the year is in five weeks and I’ll need to get myself reorganized and into the swing of things with making preserves and pickles.

Today I did an inventory to update my list and also re-priced nearly 50 jars at a discount due to the labels getting ruined the last time I was at the market due to the rain.  I felt it would just be too much of a hassle to redo labels and that just discounting them would be much easier.  For those of you who go to the market, the discounts will run from 10%-40% off, depending on how bad the label looks!

Keep an eye on the side bar to the right under the CLIFTONVILLE MARKET NEWS widget to see what new flavors I’ll have.  You should start to see some new items listed within the next 7-10 days.  I do know that some of the items to start off will be orange marmalade, lemon marmalade, fig chutney or jam and something with cranberries although I don’t know exactly what.  Any suggestions?  Also, if there’s something you would like to see at my stand, please let me know and I’ll see about trying to make it.

See you in five weeks!