Things to Do, Places to Go, People to See!

Hello boys and girls!

I realise I haven’t been around for a few days…Chef P has been on holiday since last Friday and we’ve been quite busy getting things done that we can’t always get to on the weekends.

So what have we been up to?  Let’s see….

Did our food shopping on Friday instead of Saturday to avoid all the crazy people at the food stores.

Spent a lazy day on Saturday not doing much of anything mainly because the weather didn’t allow it.

Drove to Creature Comforts in Cliftonville to pick up dry cat food and kitty litter.

Stopped to pick up empty jam jars from two of my customers.

Had my eye test on Tuesday.

Dropped off some of our kitchen knives at the butcher’s on Tuesday for sharpening.

Popped into the charity shop and got some pillow cases, a black glass-beaded necklace and a book on cats…all for the bargain price of £2.55.

Went to Westwood Cross yesterday as I really needed a new handbag and found one at TK Maxx.

Went to Halford’s to get a new battery for our car (we’re currently running around in Chef P’s mum’s car)

Emptied the two boxes of wine into the wine rack that we finally received from the order we placed about 5 weeks ago.

Brought a bunch of things to the recycling center (the old car battery, old car oil, a broken vacuum and 2 broken computer monitors, a kettle, spice grinder and curling iron, all broken)

Stopped at mum’s to bring her the two bowls she asked us to get for her.

Picked up our nicely sharpened knives from the butcher along with a dozen sausages and some bacon.

Strolled to Asda for a couple of bits and pieces.

Chef P just left to head to the train station to pick up our tickets for tomorrow because we’re heading to the BBC Good Food Show!  We will also be in the audience for the MasterChef Cook Off hosted by John Torode (on right) and Gregg Wallace: Tim Anderson vs Shelina Permalloo, 2012 Champion MasterChef

So as we’ll be at that tomorrow, I definitely won’t be posting here, but watch this space for stories and pictures from the show!

Have a great day/evening all!

♥ Terri  ♥♥



Kitchen Tips for the Domestic Goddess

If you’re not supposed to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?


Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m a sucker for reading about hints and tips in the kitchen and thought I’d share some with you, my wonderful readers…


Don’t scrape ingredients off the chopping board with the blade.  Use the back instead.

Avoid putting your knives in the dishwasher.  the chemicals used in the machine corrode the knife and heat of the dishwasher can damage and dull the blade.

Don’t store knives in a drawer.  The blade will blunt as it moves around inside.  try a magnetic rack, block or canvas roll instead.

Keep them sharp.  Use a whetstone or sharpening rod to sharpen the knives; do it little and often.


Nobody wants to put hot food on cold plates.  Warm them up by putting them into the oven after you turn it off.  They’ll warm up in just a minute or two.


Dry prawns on paper towels before frying as this helps them to fry quicker, without steaming or overcooking.


Soak up grease and stop flare-ups.  Place a couple of slices of white bread in the drip pan of the broiler/grill to absorb the grease.  It will also cut down on the amount of smoke that is produced.


Tenderize tough meat.  Pour a can over inexpensive cuts of meat and let it soak for about an hour before cooking.  You can also marinate overnight in the fridge or put the beer in the slow cooker with the meat.


Prevent tomato sauce stains on plastic.  Fed up with red stains on your plastic containers?  Apply a light coating of non-stick cooking spray to the inside of the container before pouring in the tomato sauce.


Clean away messy dough.  After you’ve rolled out dough or kneaded bread, sprinkle the floured worktop with salt and you can just wipe away everything with a damp sponge or cloth.  (As I just kneaded dough for pizza tonight, I tried this and it worked great!)

Revive overcooked coffee.  Before you throw out a stewed brew of coffee, try adding a pinch of salt to a cup to restore the flavor.

So there’s a few tips and tricks for you to absorb.

Have a great weekend!

♥ Terri  ♥♥

Foodie Gifts

So what kind of foodie gifts did you get for Christmas?  Yes, I know that Christmas was nearly two weeks ago, but I’m just getting around to this now.

Other than the wonderful box of fresh food from Italy, I also got some other great foodie items; some requested, some not.  I received a couple of cook books, some knives, a kitchen diary, cookie press and new salt & pepper grinders.

A few days prior to Christmas, Chef P and I took a day trip to Canterbury to do a bit of shopping.  I love going there because there are more stores than you can shake a stick at. (why anyone would want to shake a stick at anything is beyond me) Continue reading