A Little Bit Less and the Market

Good Day Dearest Readers!

It’s time for me to start getting into gear again for the new season of Terri’s Kitchen at the Cliftonville Market, so I may not be posting as often, but I will try to keep up.  You will see ‘Song for a Sunday’ over the next couple of weeks as I’ve already scheduled those to post…and no, I’m not telling you what’s coming.  You’ll have to wait until Sunday!  The first market for me for the year is in five weeks and I’ll need to get myself reorganized and into the swing of things with making preserves and pickles.

Today I did an inventory to update my list and also re-priced nearly 50 jars at a discount due to the labels getting ruined the last time I was at the market due to the rain.  I felt it would just be too much of a hassle to redo labels and that just discounting them would be much easier.  For those of you who go to the market, the discounts will run from 10%-40% off, depending on how bad the label looks!

Keep an eye on the side bar to the right under the CLIFTONVILLE MARKET NEWS widget to see what new flavors I’ll have.  You should start to see some new items listed within the next 7-10 days.  I do know that some of the items to start off will be orange marmalade, lemon marmalade, fig chutney or jam and something with cranberries although I don’t know exactly what.  Any suggestions?  Also, if there’s something you would like to see at my stand, please let me know and I’ll see about trying to make it.

See you in five weeks!


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