Bits and Bobs and Nuts and Bolts

Happy Wednesday All!

It’s a gorgeous day here in the SE of England as the sun is shining brightly!  We finally ‘Sprung Ahead’ this weekend with the clocks and now it’s still somewhat light at 8:00…woo hoo!

We took Buddy to the vet on Friday for his booster shot.  He wasn’t too happy about being there again, but he did OK, although the vet had a bit of a problem with trying to check his ears; he wanted no part of that!  We think he had a bit of a reaction to this shot because the next morning he was rather listless and subdued.  He was much better by Sunday morning.


The weather was absolutely lovely on Saturday so we were expecting the same on Sunday for the first market of the season…WRONG!  It was cloudy, foggy, misty and cold and a bit breezy.  It was as if it was saying to me, ‘Terri, this is what you get for not being here at the market all year like the rest of the vendors so you will be punished’.  All in all, there was a good crowd out and about and even a few of my regular customers came by who were all glad to see me back at the market.


My mum-in-law’s birthday was on Monday and the woman that cleans for her, brought her a lovely cake last Friday that she had made.  It was a vanilla sponge with strawberries and cream and she had it nicely decorated.  Kind of reminded me of a strawberry shortcake.  Well mum insisted asked us to take a bit of it home as she knew she wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing all by herself.  So of course I had to take some, after all I didn’t want to disappoint the woman!  Now, I know it’s something I shouldn’t eat, but I did.  AND IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!  I did just eat a few spoonfuls at a time rather than eating a whole piece. (I cut the cake in half, then cut the half in half and then cut the quarter in two and took those two pieces home) We got this on Saturday and I just finished it today, so I don’t think that was too bad.

Hubby won’t be home tonight as there is an awards ceremony for his job and he’s gotten three awards so he has to be there to accept them.  Apparently it’s a rather long ceremony and it will be rather late by the time it’s all over so he’s staying at a colleague’s house overnight.  So as it’s just me tonight, I can be a bit relaxed about when I have my dinner.  I made lamb burgers for dinner last night and I still have one left over, so I’ll be having that again tonight.  I have no problem with leftovers.  I might even have a martini…



And in the news:  Royal Mail will be upping it’s already high price of a first class stamp from 46p to a whopping 60p!  A second class stamp will go from thecurrent 36p to 50p, both effective at the end of April.  According to a Royal Mail spokesman, the price rises are ‘really needed, given our financial position’.  The only good thing about this is that stamps do not have the actual price on them, but only say 1st or 2nd class.  This means that we can buy all the stamps we want now at the current price and still use them once the price goes up and there’s no limit on how many you can buy.  I heard on the radio today that someone has bought about 4,000 stamps…that should hold them for awhile….



Try eating strong-smelling foods such as garlic, if you’re watching your weight.  Dutch scientists found strong smells tell our brains to take smaller bites – up to 10% smaller.  It’s possibly an evolutionary process that stopped cavemen taking large bites of rotten foods.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

♥♥ Terri  ♥♥


Versatile Bloggers Award

Woo hoo!

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and a HUGE thank you to saoirsealainn over at beautetresor for the nomination!

I’d like to thank the academy and all my fans and oh…oh….you like me, you really like me! 🙂

To accept this award, I’m supposed to list 15 other bloggers who I think deserve this same award.  Here are the nominations in alphabetical order, but I can only give seven for now.  I’m supposed to also tell seven things about myself but since I can’t give 15 bloggers, I’ll give 15 facts.

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Things about me:

1. My favorite smell is that of citrus.

2. I love a good gin martini.

3. When I was in 1st grade, I told the teacher it was my birthday (even though it wasn’t) and they threw a little party for me.  The teacher found out I lied and she made me stand in front of the class to apologize.  How humiliating.

4. I have a tattoo of Betty Boop on my ankle.

5. I have over 100 cookbooks.

6. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles and sudoku.

7. I played flute and piccolo in my high school band and marching unit.

8. I can sometimes be a bit obsessive/compulsive when it comes to things being in the right place.

9. I can’t drive a stick-shift car; at least not yet.

10. I had braces for about two years and had them taken off on the day before my high school prom. 😀

11. I hate oysters in any shape or form, cooked or not.

12. I enjoy going to flea markets/yard sales/boot fairs and used to sell stuff every week at a collectors market back in the 90’s.

13. I used to collect shot glasses and have one that looks like a tree stump.  I keep toothpicks in it.

14. I have an eclectic collection of music, ranging from BB King to Shania Twain to Stan Getz to Sinatra to En Vogue to AC/DC

15. I enjoy watching quiz shows.

♥♥ Terri ♥♥

Only 4 More Days!

I’ve been really busy these past few days as I’m sure all of you are, hence my lack of posting. I’ve made all the cookies and wrapped all the presents and the house is all decorated. Tomorrow Chef P and I are taking a little day trip to Canterbury to do a bit of shopping for ourselves and I’m sure even another Christmas gift or two!

Yesterday we received a lovely box of fresh foods from a company in Italy from my brother and sis-in-law including clementines, lemons, fennel, purple sprouting broccoli, mozzarella balls, giant garlic, talleggio cheese, exotic wild mushrooms, lots of fresh herbs and artichokes still on their stems. This is a foodie lover’s dream box!

I used some of the mushrooms and herbs and garlic last night in a creamed chicken dish and Chef P is using some of the herbs and garlic tonight. I even used some of the ‘shrooms and cheese this morning with my eggs. I’m thinking of making a lemon tart with the lemons!

I think I’ll go make myself a martini. I know it’s not Friday, but Chef P has off until after the holidays so it’s technically not a school night! And besides, Chef P got me a nice big bottle of Bombay Sapphire….


Christmas Martini

Photo complements of

I usually enjoy a martini on Friday night…and Saturday night…and…oh, sorry.  Anyways….I have a hardcover book of martini recipes with over 200 to choose from.

Here are just two of them to enjoy over the Christmas holiday.


6 measures gin

1 measure dry vermouth

1 tsp peppermint schnapps

2 miniature candy cane, 1 of them finely crushed

Wet the rim of a martini glass with vodka or schnapps and dip into the crushed candy cane.  Sprinkle about 1/2 tsp. of crushed candy into bottom of glass.

Combine liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well.  Strain into martini glass and garnish with the other candy cane.


Same as above except use vodka in place of the gin.

And remember…feel free to enjoy your favorite tipple over the holidays, but please don’t drink and drive.