What Has….

…five racks, four doors, three glass panels, a glass cover and five gas burners?

My range!

The reflection on the floor is from the sky light

I decided to give my ovens (yes, that is plural) a good clean this morning.  Cleaning the oven(s) is just one of those jobs that you…or at least I…put off cleaning just because it’s a pain in the butt to do, especially since I have two (one is a fan oven-bottom, left).  It also has a separate broiler/grill (upper left) and a storage area, bottom, right.

I do have some great oven cleaner (Ovenmate) and it also works on the racks and the glass panels

The glass cover is up. There’s four burners plus a central wok burner and plate warmer on the right, which is also great for melting butter and chocolate.

without barely any effort.  You just brush it on and leave it be for anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how bad the grease and grime is then wipe it off.  It’s a clear gel and doesn’t smell and has no fumes.  I’ve also got a huge plastic tray that’s big enough to put the racks in to give them a good soak.

Now that it’s all cleaned, I’m not going to want to mess it up later by cooking dinner, but alas, I shall.



I also picked out some potatoes that we had growing from a sprouting potato that I planted a few months back.  Guess what I’m making with the chicken tonight!

New potatoes


On Saturday we headed to Ramsgate to the green grocer where we can get 12 bulbs of garlic for £3.99.  They also had boxes of mushrooms: 4 lbs. for £2.50 and these are HUGE mushrooms…bigger than Portobello!  When the girl rang them up, they came up at £1.99 (bargain #1).  We then stopped at a pet store as I needed some more bird seed and they had a 20kg bag sitting outside, but no price on it so I went in to ask how much it was.  The guy says £8.99, which is a really good price.  Chef P grabbed one off the shelf and as we left with the seed, Chef P notices that the priced marked on the bag was £10.99 (bargain #2).

We then headed to the farm shop and picked up four cauliflowers for £1.00 (bargain #3) – (One of the big stores here, the one that claims ‘every little helps’ sells cauliflower for £1.87…each!), a 20kg bag of large onions for £7.00 (bargain #4) and a 12.5kg bag of maris piper potatoes for £1.60 (bargain #5) (the same store sells maris pipers; a 2.5kg bag for £1.90)

I love saving money!


This coming weekend, there are a couple of major events going on.  It’s the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II; the celebration of her being on the throne for 60 years.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on the balcony at her Majesty’s Coronation

As this country will take any excuse for a party, it  has been gearing up for this over the past year, but even more so in the past couple of months.

Everywhere you look you see the Union Jack flag, crowns, red, white and blue, pictures of the queen and in all the magazines and newspapers, tips and recipes on how to celebrate the jubilee with parties and food.

This is such a big deal, they’ve even given an extra two bank holidays for the occasion, so next Monday and Tuesday, pretty much the whole country has off for the Diamond Jubilee.

Here’s a few facts about the Queen’s monarchy over the years:

1953 ~ The Coronation At 25, Elizabeth II was the youngest monarch to succeed to the throne since her great-great grandmother, the 18-year-old Princess Victoria, became Queen in 1837.  On June 2, 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place in Westminster Abbey, following a 900-year-old Royal tradition.

1955 ~ Portrait Sittings The Queen has been painted and drawn by more than 70 artists in the past six decades, giving a total of 712 sittings.

1970 ~ Gone Walkabout For the first 20 years of her reign, the queen was restricted by Royal protocol in who she met and talked to.  All that changed overnight on a state visit to new Zealand.  She had been on an engagement when she came across a group of young schoolchildren eagerly waiting to greet her.  Quite spontaneously, she departed from the original program and walked informally among the children, chatting, shaking hands and accepting their gifts of small bunches of flowers.

2011 ~ Royal wedding of William and Kate 2011 proved to be a red-letter year for the Queen.  The wedding of her grandson William to Catherine Middleton was a cause for nationwide celebrations and there was a groundswell of public affection towards the couple and towards the Queen and Prince Phillip, who were obviously delighted William had found such a beautiful bride.

So make some food, have a party, buy some souvenirs and celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!


Oh yes, I did say there were a couple of major events this weekend….Friday is…MY BIRTHDAY!  Chef P is taking the day off and we’ll be heading to Canterbury again.  Looking forward to it!

Have a nice day! 🙂

♥ Terri  ♥♥