Terri’s Tuesday Tips ~ Feb 12

Good Afternoon All!

Well, it’s afternoon here.  Sorry I’m late, but I’ve been busy doing other things and have just gotten on the computer (it’s after 3:30pm).

So without further adieu, here’s today’s tips….

Ψ  Use leftover roast chicken to make a pasta bake, a savory crumble, chicken curry or a chicken and leek pie.  The carcass can be boiled and used as stock for soup.

TT:  I just made chicken soup last night using a carcass from the freezer that Chef P made last week.  There was still plenty of meat left on it, so I used that.

Ψ  Using dried pulses/beans is far cheaper than prepared canned beans and there is a lot of choice.  Soak the beans overnight then boil for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of bean, before preparing the recipe as normal.

dried beansTT:  We use dried beans all the time.  I usually soak overnight and boil the next morning and stick them into a plastic bag, label and store in the freezer.  I did a post on cooking the beans a while back that you can a look at.

Ψ  The quickest way to skin a kiwi fruit is to cut off the top and bottom, then slide a spoon between the skin and flesh.  work the spoon around the kiwi, pressing against the peel, until the fruit falls out whole.

TT:  I guess this is OK if you want the fruit whole for slicing.  Most times I just want to eat the kiwi by itself, so I just cut it in half and scoop out spoonfuls of the flesh and eat it like that.

Ψ  if your fridge is over 10 years old, it’s time to think about replacing it.  An old fridge uses 2000 watts of power a year, whereas a new one uses just 500 watts.

snowman fridgeTT:  Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that this only applies to UK appliances as they don’t seem to last very long.  We’ve already replaced a fridge that Chef P got new when he came back here in 2004.  We are also on our third coffee maker and second toaster, all within the past 8 years.  (we only use the coffee maker on the weekends).

Ψ  For clearer marmalade, add a teaspoonful of glycerine for every 4kg(almost 9lbs) of marmalade half way through boiling.

TT:  This is one I definitely want to try, considering all the marmalade I make!

Ψ  Washing chicory makes it bitter.  At the most, wipe individual leaves with a damp cloth before serving.

TT:  I have to admit, I don’t really eat chicory, but I will keep this in mind when the occasion arises.

So there you are, your Tuesday Tips.  Have a good evening!

♥♥  Terri  ♥♥


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