Terri’s Tuesday Tips ~ Jan 22

Good Morning Campers!

Hope you’re all keeping toasty and warm on this bitterly cold January morn.  I’m sitting here with a nice hot cup of vanilla black tea….mmmm.    Here’s this week’s tips:

AT THE GROCERY STORETry to do the weekly shopping trip on a Wednesday.  Research shows only 11% of people shop midweek so the stores will be quieter.

TT:  For those who work all day, this could be a bit difficult.  If you can’t get out during the week, my suggestion is to get out as early as possible on the weekend.  We have found the stores are fairly empty before 10:00am on a Saturday.

When buying a whole chicken, bear in mind that the bigger the bird the more meat you will get per lb.  It is more economical to buy a whole chicken than various cuts of chicken and the carcass can be boiled for stock.

TT:  I’m a firm believer in this and do use the carcass for stock.  i usually stick the carcass in the freezer for later when I want to make chicken soup and use the meat that is still on it.  However, when we have chicken it isn’t always a roasted chicken.  We do buy big bags of frozen drumsticks, thighs and breasts.

Never use water that has boiled twice to make a cup of tea.  Fresh water has a higher oxygen content so should extract more tea from the leaves, making a tastier cuppa!

TT:  I do agree with this and it does make a difference.

When making a crumble mixture, make a double portion and put one in the freezer.  It can be sprinkled straight from frozen over semi-cooked fruit, then baked.

TT:  I guess this is fine if you make a lot of crumbles.  For now though, I won’t be seeing any fruit crumbles anytime in the near future!

Before leaving for work, put chicken breasts, chopped carrots, potatoes and onions, a can of chopped tomatoes and some seasoning into a slow cooker.  A complete meal will be ready when you get home.

TT:  When I was back home living in the US and working outside the home, I would put all the ingredients into the bowl of the slow cooker the night before and leave it in the fridge.  I would take it out when I got up to allow it to come to room temp and then put it right into the slow cooker before I left the house.  Who has time to deal with prepping veg when you’re trying to get ready for work?

liver-kidneyTo counteract the sometimes overpowering flavor of liver, kidney and other offal, soak overnight in a little milk to draw out the bitter taste.

TT:  I don’t really eat much of these kinds of meats.  I don’t mind calves liver and I don’t like kidney (yes, I’ve tried it) and we won’t even talk about the other offal…

If custard curdles, put the bowl in cold water and keep whisking until the sauce goes smooth.

TT: Great idea if you make your own.  Another item of foodstuff I won’t be seeing or eating anytime soon.

When cooking with a wok, if food starts to stick, don’t be tempted to add more oil.  Instead, add a splash of water.

TT: We cook with a wok on occasion and have done this.  It also helps give a little bit of sauce to the mix.

So there you have your Tuesday Tips!

♥  Terri  ♥


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