Buddy Update

Happy Friday All!

Just thought I’d give a brief post on how the Budster is doing.  All went well and he’s doing fine.  We picked him up from the vet on Wednesday after Chef P got home.  I think he was real happy to see us as he started crying and meowing as soon as we came in the room.

The nurse told us his wound looked pretty horrific as they really had to dig out all the nasty stuff but they flushed it out and gave him lots of antibiotics…long lasting ones so we don’t have to worry about trying to give him pills…whew!

The nurse told us that we had to keep him in the house which is a bit difficult for a cat who’s been living outside most of his life!  Once we got him home though, he settled down once he had a little soft food.  It was too tender for him to eat dry food and try to crunch it.

Yesterday morning, I got up before Chef P and when I was done with my shower and came back in the bedroom, Buddy was laying on the bed next to his daddy. 😉  Later in the morning while I was ironing, he decided he was going to lay right next to the ironing board:

You can see where he had the abscess and it looked worse in person.  It’s much better now as it’s drying up and starting to form a scab.  We have to take him back to the vet next Friday for a follow-up check to see how everything is.

I had to call the vet on yesterday morning to find out when I would be able to let him out as he was driving me nuts with crying to go out. (remember, he doesn’t use a litter box although he used one at the vet as he had no choice)  They said I could let him go out because they knew how difficult it was for me to try and keep him in.

Luckily, he went out and came back in less than an hour and stayed in until after his dinner and went out and was back again within the hour.  He stayed in the rest of the night and I let him out this morning around 8:30.  He went out, did his business and came right back in.  It’s almost like he knows that he shouldn’t be out running around too much.  He was out for a couple of hours this afternoon and now he’s curled up on the couch.

Well sorry for the long rant, but I hope some of you wanted to know how he was.

Have a great weekend all and I’ll fill you in on my market and festival next week.  Just hope the rain holds out….

Time to go make a martini….

Terri  ♥


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