My Sick Buddy

Happy Tuesday All!

Chef P just went back to work today after a 3-day weekend and the weather was wonderful…well, a bit warm and humid, but otherwise lovely.

Now I know this is a foodie blog, but on occasion I do bang on about other things that go on in this neck of the woods.

I think that most of you know that we have four cats; well, three and a half really.  Alfie and Noddy we got about five years ago, both rescue cats, and Crystal we’ve now had for three years, also a rescue cat.  They are also indoor cats and never go outside.  They are the ‘three’ cats.   I know some of you might think that’s mean, but there are other stray cats in the neighborhood and there’s one in particular that’s rather nasty so I’d rather they just stay indoors.  They’ll live longer.

Then there’s Buddy.  Buddy has been hanging around the neighborhood for the past 3-4 years and to make a long story short, we’ve taken him in.  As he’s used to being outside, he comes and goes as he wishes but we try and make sure he stays in at night.  We can usually manage to get him nine times out of ten.  Buddy is the ‘half’ a cat.  On occasion, when he’s out and about during the day, he gets in a tangle with the nasty cat and he’s come home not looking so good sometimes.

Last week he had come back in and he had a small bump on the top of his head near his right ear.  It was a bit crusty and looked like he was in another fight.  I also noticed that his right eye wasn’t closing when he blinked and his third eyelid was showing a bit too much.  I kept an eye on him (no pun intended!) and the third eyelid got better but his eye still wasn’t closing, although it would be closed when he slept.

Then just this past Sunday night, I noticed the right side of his face was really swollen and he was rather lethargic (I assumed he had a fever).  Yesterday his face was still swollen and we decided we’d take him to the vet today if he hadn’t improved.  I was able to look under the fur and it appears he had an abscess which ended up bursting overnight.  He’s a bit more lively, but still not his usual self.  He won’t let me near the wound, so we’ve got an appointment for him tonight at the vet.  He may have to stay overnight because they’ll need to sedate him to clean it.  If he doesn’t want me near it, he sure as hell isn’t going to let the vet near it!

He is outside right now and snoozing in the back garden (well he was snoozing before I took the picture).  He’s actually been staying around the house the past couple of days and not wandering too much.  He was snoozing on top of the car earlier today.

So as we’ve got to head out later, I’m making an easy supper of my Italian Chicken and Veggies.

Hopefully, Buddy will be back to his old self in a couple of days…..

♥  Terri  ♥


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