Friday Foodie Word ~ JAGG….

Hello Campers!

Happy Friday!

It has been a gorgeous day here in the south east of England, albeit a bit humid, with a lovely breeze coming in from the North Sea.  Chef P just got home from work a short while ago and surprised me with the fact that he’s decided to take off on Monday since it is going to be such a nice weekend.  Woo hoo, three day weekend!

On the down side, I’ve been sitting here waiting for a tradesman to show up to fix one of my oven doors.  He called at 10:30 this morning and said he’d be here between 12 and 2….it is now nearly 2:30.  Had I known he wasn’t going to show up on time, I could have made good use of my time and perhaps baked more brownies or whoopie pies for the market or even made one of my jams or chutneys.  Also, as it’s pizza night here at Terri’s Kitchen, I could have gotten my pizza dough made.  It’s even more annoying since I asked him if he was going to show up closer to 2:00 and he said ‘no, I should be there earlier’…aargh!

Well let’s get back to the subject of this post, the Friday Foodie Word!  As I haven’t been around to ask you to give me a page number and word number, I’ve decided to select one at random myself.  I just flipped through the book and stopped at a page and then, without looking, put my finger on the page.

I selected page 295 and my finger landed on the 20th word…

{{{{{{drum roll}}}}}}}}}}}



South Asia

1. A crude brown sugar made from the sap of coconut or palmyra palm trees, sold in round cakes or lumps.

Also called gur, palm sugar

2. Brown cane sugar, often sold in round sticky balls.

So there you have it, your Friday Foodie Word.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy my selection for the Sunday song.  Try not to swoon too much….

♥  Terri  ♥


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