Another Award :)

It appears that I have been nominated for another award…The Tell Me About Yourself Award!

A big THANK YOU to Corinna over at Cooking with Corinna.  Please go take a look at her blog.  She’s only had her blog since Feb 2012 and she’s already got over 240 followers so she must be doing something right!

Here we go…

Let me tell you seven things about myself….

Circa 1966

Δ  My only sibling is my brother Anthony who is four years older than me.

Δ  I used to collect shot glasses and I still have one that looks like a tree stump.

Δ  I’ve never been to California, but I’ve been to Vegas.

Δ  I dislike long sleeves that reach my hand.  On any of my tops or sweaters, I always roll up the sleeves 2 or 3 times.

Δ When I bought my second car back in the early 80’s (a ’79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme), I played the lottery using the four digits, boxed, of the price of the car…I won $100!

Δ This coming New Year’s Eve, it will be six years since I’ve smoked a cigarette.

Δ I don’t eat oysters, raw or cooked, but I could down a dozen clams with no problem.

And in no particular order, here’s seven bloggers who can tell you about themselves…

Two Kitchens, One Story ~ Meet Lianna and Page.  A somewhat new blog, but they have some lovely recipes along with lovely photography.  Go check ’em out!

Paws That Thought ~ Furried, feathered and scaly friends welcome!

From Lindsey’s Kitchen to Yours ~ Another newly born blog with some nice recipes and photos.

Create it Yourself ~ A diversion from the monotony of life with a refreshing distraction of simple discovery and resourcefulness

Smiley’s Healthy Way of Life  ~ A healthy dose of healthy information!

My Dog Said ~ Ever wonder what your pets would say if they could talk?

Three Cat Yard ~ The antics of everyday life for Julie, Calla and Gus

Well I think that about wraps it up.  Thanks again to Corinna!


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