Am I a Lunch or Am I a Breakfast? (SBD)

Hello dear readers and welcome to Wednesday!

Before I give you this bit of SBD cuisine, I need to vent a couple of things.  First, the weather.  The past couple of days have been nearly horrendous.  Yesterday, we had blustery wind, rain and hail storms with a bit of thunder and bolts thrown in for good measure….then that big golden globe in the sky decided to make an appearance…yay.  Today, we’ve had more blustery wind (ah, the joys of living near the sea) with a good bit of cloud and rain here and there.  As I type, I’m noticing that it is becoming a bit darker to the west so I’m sure we’ll be getting some more rain…oh goodie.  I really shouldn’t complain as we’re in a drought situation down here in the south east of England and we’ve even got a (garden)hose pipe ban.

My second bitching venting is regarding the total disregard that some people have about parking their cars in front of home driveways, mainly ours.  We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and our driveway is angled to our house.  If you were to drive down our street (not very big I might add…we only have 10 houses on the street) you could drive straight into our driveway, only making a slight turn of the wheel once you were actually on it.

At times we have people parking their cars down here at the end, but they seem to be oblivious to the fact that there’s a driveway.  There is room for a car to park, thus leaving our driveway still open to drive onto.  However, sometimes they manage to squeeze two cars in (one being somewhat on the curb across the way) and thus then leaving us the bare minimum of space to pull in.  What is adding to the problem (ah, here comes the rain!) is that there are road works going on out on the main street (they’re replacing gas mains) and the people that live along there, can’t park their cars in front of their homes, so they have to park elsewhere: LIKE IN FRONT OF OUR DRIVEWAY!

A few minutes ago I had to walk down to one of their houses and tell the girl that she needs to move her car because she parked there, not only was there already a car parked, but she parked next to that one…crooked!  Chef P would never have been able to get in the driveway.  So her car has been moved and he can now get into the driveway….as soon as he gets home!

OK, I’m done…wow, that’s a whole post all by itself!  On to the food…


This is a recipe from the South Beach Diet Supercharged book, listed under Breakfast for Phase 2.  It suggests serving with a cup of coffee or tea and a glass of vegetable or tomato juice.  Personally, I think it can be used also as a lunch as it doesn’t contain any eggs or cereal, but then there isn’t a law that breakfast has to contain either of those.  Your tummy can’t tell time after all.  If it did, we wouldn’t need to wear a watch!

Unfortunately, it didn’t have a name, so I’ll just call it….


1/2 of a whole wheat bagel

30g/1oz light cream cheese

smoked salmon

cucumber slices

tomato slices

chopped red onion

dill weed, fresh if possible, otherwise dried is fine

capers, chopped

Spread the cream cheese on the bagel and layer the other ingredients as you wish.

You can either cut it and eat it, or do as I did and just pick it up and take a bite!  I had a few grapes with mine.

I find that it’s a light and refreshing meal that fills you up without giving that overly full feeling.



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