Tea for Me

Tea.  Hot tea.  I hated it when I was younger.  Couldn’t stand the

taste or the smell yet mom would always try to make me drink it when I wasn’t feeling well.  Drinking it would make me feel even worse!  I could drink iced tea with no problem, but keep the hot stuff away from me…yuck.

I did enjoy coffee and started drinking that at a rather early age.  My earliest memory of drinking coffee was around the age of 6 or 7, mainly on Sunday mornings.  When we lived out on Long Island, Dad, my brother and I would hop in the car and drive down to Cream Puff Bakery to get rolls, jelly donuts and crumb buns to have with breakfast and also the Sunday Paper, The NY Daily News.  Mom would stay home to get breakfast cooking and the coffee ready (in our old aluminum percolator) and we’d all sit around the table eating breakfast and reading the papers.  The extent of my reading of the newspaper was the comics.  I highly doubt I’d be reading the business section!

Then when I was in my 20’s, I decided to try herbal teas.  I tolerated them enough to be able to drink them, but I still wasn’t really enjoying tea as much as I enjoyed coffee.  As I got older, I started enjoying them a bit more, but I still wasn’t drinking them as much as the coffee.  Herbal teas are usually drank without milk and I think that was part of the problem of why I wasn’t to crazy about them.

Once I met my British hubby (Chef P), I thought I’d try some English teas, such as Earl Grey.  Wow, what a difference from American teas such as Lipton’s or Tetley’s.  The Earl Grey had a completely different taste and I actually enjoyed it!

The first time I came over here, I met Chef P’s mother.  Once we came into her flat and got through all of the introductions, she asked the standard hospitable thing that every Brit asks their guests when they come in: Would you like a cup of tea?  Now, having just recently started drinking ‘English tea’, instead of just saying ‘Yes, thank you’, I asked her the stupid question of ‘what kind of tea?’  She looked at me, then at P and I realised what I said and wanted to hide.  I don’t think she really knew what to say to me, but in the end, it all worked out and I had a quite enjoyable cup of Assam tea.

As time went on and I eventually moved over here, I started drinking more and more tea.  I now have several different kinds of tea in the house:  English Breakfast {regular & decaf} (my favorite), White Tea, Green Tea Blend, Basic Black Tea {regular & decaf}, Lemon & Ginger, Valerian Tea (helps with sleep) and White Chocolate Tea {a once in a while treat}.  Most of these are tea bags with the exception of the decaf English Breakfast and the White Chocolate, which are loose teas.

I’m currently drinking a cup of White Tea.  I must have milk in my tea, no matter the flavor and honey.  I probably have 3-4 cups of tea and coffee each day, and only one of those cups is caffeine (occasionally I will have a second caffeine in the early afternoon) as I needed to cut down for medical reasons.  And this may sound crazy to some of you caffeine freaks out there, but my first cup of the day, whether it be coffee or tea, is always decaf.  I keep the caffeine hit to my second cup because it’s closer to my breakfast time and caffeine affects my blood sugar if I have it first thing in the morning.

So what’s your favorite hot drink tipple?

♥ Terri  ♥♥


9 thoughts on “Tea for Me

  1. I was five the first time I remember drinking tea. My best friend’s mother, who was from Wales, served it to us with milk. I was highly impressed that we were having “Tea” instead of a snack, and I started having a daily cup. Eventually, I discovered the world of tea beyond Lipton’s, and now my favorite is a green Matcha blend from Japan.

  2. I rarely drank hot tea until I met my ex-husband. With him, it was a ritual (he’s Australian). He taught me how to make a “proper” pot of tea – *always* English Breakfast tea with him.

    My favorite hot drink now is chai. I love it strong with a little Splenda and some milk…maybe a dash of cinnamon. Yum!

  3. I wouldn’t survive without coffee! I also like green tea a lot. I drank a couple cups of green tea a day over the summer and noticed that I lost a noticeable amount of weight. Chamomile is also a favorite of mine, my mom said that it helps with cramps. I don’t think that it ever relieved any of my cramps, but it tastes good.

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