Foods You (I) Can’t Live Without

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to add it to the fruit salad.



While perusing other blogs yesterday or the day before, I came across a post with the author listing their top 10 foods they couldn’t do without, and I thought it was a great idea for a post.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember who’s blog it was, so I can’t give credit, sorry!

Olive Oil

The ultimate lubrication for your pots, pans, baking dishes, etc. and it’s healthier than butter!


I have only one thing to say…when in doubt, add more garlic.


There aren’t too many recipes that don’t start with an onion.  They are a staple of the cooking world and add great flavor to any dish.  Come on now, who doesn’t love the smell of fried onions?

Salt & Pepper

The ultimate seasonings.  Even if you have no other herbs or spices, these will always pull through for you.


Another versatile food.  The juice is used as an acid and adds tang and gives a clean, fresh taste.  The peel/zest gives a subtle hint of flavor and even works well in a martini!


No woman can survive without chocolate…need I say anymore?

Rolled Oats

Oats can be used for porridge, ground for flour, used as a coating on meats and added to baking.  It is also a low GI food so stabilises the blood sugar.


What’s not to love about potatoes?  Even though they’re somewhat of a no-no on South Beach, it doesn’t mean I don’t eat then on occasion. Whether mashed, dauphinoised, baked, boiled, roasted, fried or au gratined, potatoes are one food that we all love.


From the basic oil and vinegar for a salad, to flavoring for a Thai dipping sauce, vinegar is one that I wouldn’t want to do without.   I love the fact that there are so many flavored vinegars out there and each one has its own special purpose.


Whether cooked or raw, tomatoes add flavor and texture to many dishes.  Like potatoes, they can be cooked in many ways:  baked, roasted, pureed and made into sauce.  There’s nothing better than popping a fresh cherry tomato into your mouth straight from the vine…mmmmm.


As you take a bite of your pizza, the melted cheese is stretching itself from your mouth to the remaining pizza, holding on for dear life until it can no longer hold on, breaking the connection…your mouth has won.  Blue, mozzarella, cheddar, red leistershire, stinking bishop, ricotta, cottage, munster, edam, brie, gouda, camembert, goats, swiss, colby, parmesan, provolone, asiago, caerphilly, monterey jack, feta, fontina…the list goes on and on.

There are a lot more foods I could list here, but I’ll let you decide what to add to it.  What are your ultimate can’t-do-without foods??


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