Save Money! Leave ’em at Home!

Picture this….

Here we are, it’s Saturday and it’s time to go do the food shopping.  Everyone into the car and ‘everyone’ means dad, mom and brood, whether it be one or five.  Get to the store, everyone out of the car and into the madhouse we know as the grocery store.

As you walk in, you are bombarded with displays with everything from DVDs to cakes, soda, snacks and candy.  As you and the family walk past these items, suddenly there is an outcry from the younger members: ‘Mom, can we get this bottle of soda?’ ‘Dad, I want this candy bar.’ ‘Ooh, can we get these DVDs?’  The parent’s first response is (hopefully) ‘No, you can’t have that’ or ‘No, you don’t need another DVD’ or any other response along those lines.

Then suddenly it happens:  The lovely children suddenly turn on you.  They start pestering and continue to keep asking, each time with you responding with a firm ‘NO’ and finally they start to make a scene, right there in the middle of the store.  So in order to avoid this continued embarrassment of having the other shoppers staring, you give in and buy the little creatures children what they want.  Parents: 0  Kids: 1

Well it’s time for a bit of parent retaliation and research has proved that it’s better to leave ’em at home!  According to a recent article in The Daily Telegraph, parents could save up to £435 a year by leaving the kids at home.  When parents give in to the kids pestering them, this is what they can typically spend.

Despite the current economic climate and everyone struggling to save money, most parents are willing to give in to their kid’s demands to avoid a scene.  In a survey of 2,000 parents, four out of five admit to giving in to there children’s impulse demands.  One in 10 said they buy their offspring whatever they wanted.  53% of those questioned said they had seen their children ‘throw a strop’ when they did not get something they wanted.

So avoid the hassle.  If you are a two parent household, leave one of the parents home with the kids while the other parent goes to the grocery store.  You’ll not only save money, but you’ll probably get in and out of there a lot quicker, too!  For those of you in a single parent household, see if you can get someone to keep an eye on them while you go shopping.

If more parents left the children at home, the stores wouldn’t be so crowded and it might actually be a pleasure for you to go food shopping!


2 thoughts on “Save Money! Leave ’em at Home!

  1. I wish more parents thought like you! Hubby and I go shopping on Saturdays and I swear it’s like everyone is out for a family outing! It really amazes me when I see the kids walking around with toys, especially right before Christmas or right after. We just want to get in and get out and usually try to get out a bit earlier so we don’t get caught in the crowds. I could go on about other pet peeves at the grocery store but you can see that on one of my rather early posts which was on grocery shopping in general.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I stopped shopping with the kids a long time ago. They hate it. I hate it. I waste loads of money on tat for the children. Or the children despise me for not spending loads of money on tat. Leave them at home and you all retain your sanity. Or even better, shop online!

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