Chocolate Cream Cheese?

Yes, chocolate cream cheese…why not?  Can’t be much different from a chocolate cheese cake, right?

When Kraft bought Cadbury’s in 2010 for a mere £12 billion, loyalists to the British favorite predicted there would be trouble.  Now just two years later, the U.S. giant is vandalizing Cadbury’s respected Diary Milk recipe.

As of last Wednesday, 160g tubs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese blended with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk went on sale in supermarkets supported by an £11 million marketing budget. ‘Choccy Philly’ is being billed as an alternative to Nutella.

Choccy Philly, mixes Light Philadelphia cheese with Cadbury chocolate. The spread contains 86 calories and will be available from most UK supermarkets for £1.62 ($2.54) per 160g tub.

In marketing tests run by Kraft, Brits liked it ‘as an afternoon snack, with pancakes, fruit and porridge’.  It apparently tastes like a cheesecake and has a consistency that can be used as a frosting or icing on cakes.

Philadelphia with Cadbury will also be available in 30g mini tubs and unlike other chocolate spreads, you will find this in the refrigerated section.


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