Fast Food ~ Is it Time to Slow Down?

Burgers, fried chicken, pizza, kebabs, fish and chips, take-out curries…the epitome of fast food.

How much of these grease-laden items do we eat?  Personally, I don’t, but a recent study shows that more than half (50.4%) of all meals eaten in Britain are from fast food restaurants…an alarming figure, don’t you think?

That amounts to nearly 5.54 billion fast food meals a year.  No wonder there’s an obesity epidemic in this country, and that applies to all age groups.  Also, with our current economic climate, the low prices for fast food is even more appealing.

In addition, some fast food chains have make a great effort to appeal to middle-class families.  There have been shifts to free-range eggs and organic milk fruit and veggies for children’s meals.  Other smaller fast food rivals have been promoting their use of organic meat and the finest ingredients.

There has also been a drop in the number of meals eaten at lunchtime at the canteen in schools, universities and work places, down from 19.5% in 2008 to 16.9% currently.  Workers are snubbing the canteen and pub lunches for fast food.  School students are doing the same with school meals and cafeterias in favor of heading to the High street for something to eat.

(We have a school across from the Asda and I’m always seeing kids in there in the morning prior to school.  They are buying soda, energy drinks, chips/crisps, snack foods and sweets.)

The amount spent on eating out in general is down, but families who eat out spend less and prefer familiar chains where they know exactly what they will get for their money.  It is the quick service restaurants serving burgers, chicken and ethnic dishes that have led the growth.

Because fast food is cheap, people aren’t eating at independent restaurants or pubs.  Yes, fast food is cheap, but what about your health?

Guess all the money you’ll save won’t matter when you’re diagnosed with clogged arteries, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Eat healthy.  Your life depends on it.

♥♥ Terri ♥♥


5 thoughts on “Fast Food ~ Is it Time to Slow Down?

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  2. Thanks for the compliment! Yes, there is the same problem here as in the states. We have the fast food places: McD’s, BurgerKing and KFC are the three big US chains. I’ve been to a BK about 3 times since I’ve been here and that was within the first year of me living here (I’ve been here 7 years now) Haven’t been to a fast food place since and to be honest, I really don’t miss them. I walked past a BK earlier this week and I was hungry and thought about going in, but didn’t. Regarding pubs, unfortunately many of them are closing which has to do with the rising costs of beer and also the ban on smoking in public places which went into effect back in 2007.

  3. Great post! Do they have the same problem we have with fast food, really? I would think they don’t have the fast food chains like we do. I mean, I was there back in 2004 and all I remember were all the precious little pubs. But then, that’s what I was looking at. The fast food chains were probably invisible to my eyes as I’m so used to seeing them.
    What a lovely little sight you have here. Looking forward to future posts about your food adventures in England!
    And nice to meet you!

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