What’s your Favorite Kitchen Gadget?

What are your top 5 favorite kitchen gadgets; the ones that make prepping and cooking a pleasure instead of a chore?  I want to know which ones you couldn’t live without or even if you just got a new one and wonder how you ever managed without it.  It could be a favorite knife or spoon, an electrical item, a can opener, etc.  If you use it to prep or cook food, it’s considered a kitchen gadget.

Want to know what mine are?  Well too bad, I’m going to tell you anyway. 😉  These are in no particular order.

CAST IRON PANS ~ I have two; a small one that I bought several years ago and a larger one that belonged to my paternal grandmother.  To me, they are better than any nonstick pan and we use them practically every day.

FOOD PROCESSOR ~ This was given to us by Chef P’s cousin about 5 years ago.  We don’t have a blender so this is used for everything from smoothies to chopping massive amounts of onions.

PYREX GLASS MEASURING JUGS ~ I actually have two of these.  My mother asked why I had two and you’d be surprised as to how many times I’m using both at one time.  Sometimes I wish I had a third!

ICE CREAM SCOOP/MELON BALLER ~ These come in handy for making even sized cookies, meatballs, cheeseballs and putting even amounts of dough/batter into muffin cups.

ENAMELED CAST IRON POT ~ Many a stew and curry have been made in this pot and it shows!

So what are your favorite utensils or gadgets?


3 thoughts on “What’s your Favorite Kitchen Gadget?

  1. 1. Mix master (from the 70s) – way better than any of the ones I’ve seen today!
    2. Wire whisk – fluffing with anything but wire makes absolutely no sense (why are these made of teflon?)
    3. Mini muffin pan – for creating the cutest cupcakes in bite-size
    4. Chef’s knife – a given
    5. Blender (also from the 70s) – nothing crushes ice quite like it…gets through anything.

  2. 1. My chef’s knives. They are expensive and very good. Would not be without them.
    2. My stick blender. I use this all the time. it’s great for making mayonnaise and also for pureeing soups, sauces etc.
    3. My vegetable peeler. Simple thing, but something I use ALL the time. Would be lost without it.
    4. My set of round cutters. Handy for all sorts.
    5. My potato ricer. Makes the smoothest mashed potatoes you have ever seen.

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