A Reply to a Comment from Canada

I enjoyed reading your blog and your goals for healthy weight release…I am making a long over due effort to nourish myself for good health ….years ago i had goodluck with Weight Watchers and remember the essence of how to do it so I am trying to just do it on my own….rather than spend money on the program…we will see….as i go along I intend to cook well for myself as I love cooking…money saved will go to arts pursuits as a reward….Tonight I made a veggie/minestrone soup so that should stave off hunger pangs…I will check in on your blog from time to time….best wishes from Canada!

I normally reply to comments on the comment page, but this one felt like it should get its own posting.  I usually check my mobile phone first thing in the morning to see if I’ve received any comments on my posts so that I can think about my reply before actually getting on the computer.  As the words went through my head, it seemed I was getting a bit long-winded for a reply, but felt it would be OK to do an open reply in a post…I hope ‘Canada’ doesn’t mind.

First off, thank you for reading my blog. I don’t claim to be a nutritional expert but I do read alot about proper eating and what is healthy and what isn’t, although I’m not perfect; nobody is.  The only person that can feed you properly is yourself.  Nobody forces you (or me) to eat what we do; we all feed ourselves so it’s our own doing that we look (overweight) or feel (down about it) as we do.

Eating healthy can be a difficult task to carry on day after day and I know that all too well.  I was a skinny little thing when I was a child and my mom always said that people thought she didn’t feed me.  Then I hit puberty and it was all downhill from there.  I gained weight and when I was in high school, I learned that I was hypoglycemic. I was put on a healthy eating plan for my condition and I not only lost some weight, I felt better.

Over the years, I got back to eating like I was and then I’d put weight back on and then go on a diet, then go off, then go back on, etc.  I’ve done Weight Watcher’s a few times and yes, I lost weight but would put it back on.  I first heard of the South Beach Diet back in 2004 and when I read about it, I realized it was perfect for me with my hypoglycemia.  I lost about 15 lbs. the first time I was on it.  I had trouble sticking with it as I was also going through some personal situations (loss of family pet, divorce, moving, etc.)  i regained the 15 lbs…and then some.

Then I moved here to the UK almost 7 years ago with my new British hubby…and didn’t really pay much attention to my eating habits as I was too busy trying to get acclimated to my new surroundings.  Then about two years ago, I went to the doctor for a check-up.  My weight and cholesterol were too high and I needed to do something about it.  I wasn’t getting any younger so decided I would get back to ‘nourishing myself for good health’ as ‘Canada’ put it.  I needed to lose about 30-40 lbs. and managed to lose almost 30 lbs. and then I hit a plateau.  However, I felt good and I was down almost 3 sizes.  I stayed at that weight, fluctuating by about 3-5 lbs.  I kept it off but then came Christmas (2010) when I was eating things that I normally didn’t (don’t we all?) and the weight slowly crept up a bit.  This past Christmas, I did the same thing.  I stepped on the scale over Christmas and nearly went into shock at the numbers on the scale.  I had gained about 10 lbs. and I noticed it before I had even stepped on the scale.

I could feel it in my clothes and see it in my face.  It’s where I notice my weight loss/gain first.  I decided that after the holidays I would get back on the wagon and lose this weight again, for the umpteenth time in my life!

So it’s back to South Beach for me.  For ‘Canada’ and those of you who feel you could lose a few, I suggest giving South Beach a try.  It focuses on real foods and fresh fruit and veg, whole grains, good fats and good carbs.  It’s the one healthy eating plan that works for me, even more so than Weight Watcher’s, but use whatever eating plan you desire, as long as it’s a healthy one.


2 thoughts on “A Reply to a Comment from Canada

  1. I just wish it was as easy to lose weight as it is to gain it! I sometimes wonder if I wasn’t hypoglycemic, whether I would lose weight much easier. With the hypo, I HAVE to eat; little and often and when I wasn’t following a proper eating plan, I’d grab the first thing available when I would get an episode. An ‘episode’ for me is shaking, breaking out in a sweat, confusion, irritability and as I said, I would grab whatever I could. I remember being in a grocery store one day when it hit me. I bought a chocolate bar, paid for it and ate it before I even got to my car.

  2. Everything in moderation Terri! I need to lose a lot of weight, but dieting has made me fatter through the years. Seriously. I know we control what we put into our mouths etc., but consider the effect that eating at starvation levels has on your metabolism. This has been scientifically proven. It is the rare person who can diet and then return to normal eating without putting at least some of the weight they lost back on. Not sure what the answer is, but if I ever find out , I’m sure it will make me a millionaire!! lol

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