Foodie Gifts

So what kind of foodie gifts did you get for Christmas?  Yes, I know that Christmas was nearly two weeks ago, but I’m just getting around to this now.

Other than the wonderful box of fresh food from Italy, I also got some other great foodie items; some requested, some not.  I received a couple of cook books, some knives, a kitchen diary, cookie press and new salt & pepper grinders.

A few days prior to Christmas, Chef P and I took a day trip to Canterbury to do a bit of shopping.  I love going there because there are more stores than you can shake a stick at. (why anyone would want to shake a stick at anything is beyond me)

What else is nice about the area is that it’s mostly a pedestrian-only area so you don’t need to worry about crossing over to the other side of the ‘street’ and getting hit by some maniac in a car.  There’s big department stores (Debenhams, Mark’s & Spencer and my favorite, Fenwick – reminds me of Macy’s; a proper department store)…

…lots of clothing stores, shoe stores, book stores (WHSmith, Waterstones), cafes, take-aways, a wholefoods store (which is slightly off the beaten path and has a great selection) and also my two favorite stores, Steamer Trading Cookshop and Lakeland.

We’ve gotten three of our pizza stones at Steamer.  Three because they’ve broken on us so we had to buy new.  The last time we were there back in February we were buying a new stone (a different brand from the first two).  We mentioned it to the manager at the time and she said the next we came in to bring back the broken stone and they would send it back to the manufacturer.  So when we went there this time, we brought the broken stone back and talked to a different manager because the lady we originally spoke to was no longer there.  To make a long story short (oops, too late!) we were given a store credit right then and there for the price of the stone that broke, (£17.99) even though we didn’t have a receipt but their price tag was on the box.  We walked around the store to see what we might want, looking at various things: knives, cocktail shaker, cast iron cookware, etc.  We settled on new Cole & Mason salt & pepper grinders and just paid the additional for the difference of the credit. 😀

We then strolled to Lakeland where I picked up a couple of small things and then was looking at their cooking press.  I was debating on whether to get it because unfortunately the one my dad got me back in 1977 is wearing down (the cap that holds the disk pops off when I press out the dough and the dough squeezes out from spots where it shouldn’t) so as I was pondering this thought, Chef P said, ‘let’s just get it and then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.’ 😀

For Christmas, I got two cookbooks, Jamie’s Great Britain and On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee.  We’ve made, well, Chef P has made the Ox Tail Stew from Jamie’s book already.  The other is more of an encyclopedia about food and what makes it do what it does when cooked, cooled, frozen, heated, roasted, etc.  I’m already learning some fascinating things and this book; all 800+ pages of it, does not contain one single recipe!

I also received two Viners Kitchen Knives, similar to what we had been looking at in Steamer Trading and also a Kitchen Diary which gives all sorts of info from seasonal foods to first aid to shopping tips.

So all in all, it was a very productive Christmas!

Hope you all got what you wanted!


3 thoughts on “Foodie Gifts

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  2. Great gifts there Terri! Believe it or not I did not get any foodie gifts at all. I got a nightie, slippers and a very pretty crystal heart necklace. Todd’s not good at foodie things. I would rather buy my own. He has absolutely no sense of taste when it boils right down to foodie things. He likes to eat but cooking??? His sum total of skills consist of a hand, a tin opener and a tin . . . oh and a pot. 🙂

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