Back to Normal Eating aka South Beach Diet

Oh dear.

I’ve been psyching myself up over the past week for today…the day I get back to proper, normal eating.  I can stop eating as if I was going to be executed and each meal was my last.  I can stop eating all the Christmas cookies, special chocolates, butter-laden gravies and sauces and drinking all the heavy liqueurs (Port, Cream Sherry, etc.)  All things that I should not be eating or drinking; especially since most of it is not amongst the foods allowed on South Beach Diet.  Yes, I’ve been a very naughty girl.

I stepped on the (digital) scale this morning and almost passed out from shock at the numbers flashing before my eyes.  As I said, I was psyching myself up for this day, so it really shouldn’t have been much of a shock, but it was.  Why is it that it’s so difficult to lose weight yet you can put it on in a flash?  Why is the sky blue?  How high is up?  Oh sorry, I digress.

So as I have gained nearly 10 lbs. over the past couple of months, it’s time to get back on the wagon.  I almost feel embarrassed as I said I was going to stick with the SBD way of eating because I didn’t want to gain weight again and what do I do?  I can only put it down to one thing: (Quoting Billy Joel): We’re only human. We’re allowed to make some mistakes.

Considering how I’ve been eating over these past few weeks, I think I did pretty good so far today.  I’ve had no butter, no cookies (even though there’s a bag of them sitting on the counter to give to the kids across the street), no crackers or bread (I did have two oat cakes with a light spreading of natural peanut butter this morning to get me through until I had breakfast) and no leftovers (there’s a container of creamy mash in the fridge along with a lovely gravy that went with the leg of lamb from last night).  The only leftovers I had was the broccoli from last night which had just been steamed.  I had that this morning with my onion, spring onion, garlic and mushroom fritatta with a light sprinkling of Blue Stilton for a bit of flavor…and a glass of tomato juice.

Lunch was a Linda McCartney burger with lettuce, tomato, avocado, low-fat cottage cheese and some SB creamy Dijon-thyme dressing.

OK, I cannot tell a lie; I had one After Eight dinner mint earlier.  They were just staring at me saying ‘eat me’. ;D

For dinner, I’ll be making pork loin chops (how yet, I don’t know) along with some red Carmargue rice I picked up at the wholefoods store in Canterbury before Christmas.  We’ve got a huge bag of fresh spinach so I may cook that up too.  There will be no alcohol consumed…at least until Friday…and yes, I’m still doing pizza night.

So I’m on the first step (again!) of my journey to losing all this flab.  I need to be able to fit back into these ↓ white crop jeans in the Spring!

Now to go look through the SB cookbook to see how I’ll prepare the pork chops….


2 thoughts on “Back to Normal Eating aka South Beach Diet

  1. Thanks Marie. I did SB a couple of years ago and lost about 28 lbs. and I was doing really well. Then I kind of got back into eating things I shouldn’t and over the holidays, I just went whole hog! I felt so good when I was lighter and actually enjoyed going shopping and was glad that I didn’t have to go into the fat ladies shops or sections. It’s better for my health, too! I would suggest you check out South Beach as it’s a diet you can really live with, but then you wouldn’t have anything to blog about because you wouldn’t be able to make all those goodies! 😉

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