Happy New Year!

Well readers, here we are on the last day of 2011.  As we leave behind the old and start afresh, we all think about the things we want to change or do; in other words, our New Year’s Resolutions.

Personally, I don’t really make resolutions because I know I won’t abide by them.  However, this year is a bit different as I think I’ve gained about 10 lbs. over the past two weeks!  With all the cookies, alcohol and savory, fatty foods it’s no wonder.  South Beach Diet?  It hasn’t existed in my mind these past couple of weeks; OK, these past 4-6 weeks.

So as I plan to get back to South Beach, I’m eating and enjoying all I can until Monday night, for Tuesday it’s back on the wagon for me!  My system is going to be in for a major shock, but obviously for the better.  I should be able to lose the 10 lbs. or at least most of it, within the week.  I’ve even decided to give any leftover cookies (yes, I still have some ~ see Em, I told you they would last) to the neighbor kids across the street.  I’ll be happy to get rid of them and they’ll be happy to have them.

I’ve been trying to eat up any leftovers and we have a good amount of cheese left (Stilton, Lancashire, Blue Shropshire, smoked cheddar, etc.) so Chef P is using up some of it to make parsnips au gratin as one of the side dishes with dinner tonight.  In fact, he just poured the cheese sauce over the parsnips and asked if I wanted to have the rest that is in the pot, in other words, lick the bowl.  I told him ‘no, that’s OK’.  Besides, I’m busy typing here.

As we’re not going out tonight, we’ll just spend a quiet evening in, trying to find something to watch on TV (5,486 channels and nothing’s on) and have our nice ribeye steaks with parsnips au gratin and Brussels sprouts…and a martini of course.

So I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a big thank you to all who read and follow my blog from all over the world.

To those of you who are going out tonight, please be safe; don’t drink and drive. Take a cab or a bus or designate a non-drinking driver to get you home safely.  I want you back here to see what I’ll be up to in the new year!  So again, be safe and



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. We have Sky also. It’s even difficult finding a decent movie on. Luckily, the new schedule is showing a good line-up for Monday night on BBC2. We’re going to try out that new quiz show, A Question of Taste.
    I don’t have any weddings to attend, but my motivator is my pair of white crop jeans. They were a tad bit snug bag in the summer…if I tried them on now I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to even zip them up!

  2. I know the feeling Terri . . . we have sky and it was unbelievable that there was absolutely nothing to watch last night, nor is there tonight either. It’s horrible! We just had a quiet night in and watched some DVD’s and were in bed by 9:30 because we had church this morning, and I was giving a talk. I needed a good night’s sleep. Happy New years to you both. I am on the “got to go to two weddings and appear in front of the ex and step mom” diet now. It’s a great motivator. xxoo

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