Fresh Food from Italy

Early last week we received a huge box of fresh foods sent by my darling brother and sis-in-law, A & J from a company called natoora located in Italy.  They sent a box last year from the same company so I couldn’t wait to open it to see what we got this year!

Last year was cheese, canned tomatoes, sauces, lemons, pasta, and some jarred items, just to name a few things.  This year was all fresh foods!  There were two plastic boxes of herbs, one containing bay, thyme, sage and rosemary; the other had coriander, flat leaf parsley, mint and basil.

There were artichokes, which earlier today, I removed the hearts and bottled them in oil.

Amalfi lemons, leafy clementines, a box of exotic wild mushrooms and some giant garlic bulbs!  And I mean giant!  We weighed one; it was about 93g / 3.3 ounces!  That’s a pretty hefty sized garlic bulb.  They must have some mean fertilizer in Italy!

And a lovely wedge of Taleggio Cheese.


There was also some fennel and baby plum tomatoes on the vine, a container of mozzarella balls and purple sprouting broccoli.

Once we opened the box and put everything out on the counter, I felt like I was on MasterChef: The Professionals, when they let them come up to the tables and pick out anything they want to use to cook a dish!

What do we still have left?  Lemons (there were 9 of them! ~ they’ve been working very nicely in my martinis!), clementines (got 6 of these), a few tomatoes, fennel, most of the herbs, a few of the mozzarella balls and about half of the cheese.  I’m currently trying to root some of the thyme and rosemary; it’s worked before, let’s see if it works on this!

I used some of the mushrooms, herbs and garlic the first night we received the box in a creamed chicken dish.  We really had to use the shrooms fast as we didn’t want them going bad.  We did manage to use about 98% of them, whether it was in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything so far and all I can say is that this is a Foodie’s Dream Box!  I would never ask A & J to send a box again next year, but I can always hope! 😉

Thank you, A & J!  Love ya!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Food from Italy

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  2. A Foodies’ Dream Box for sure Terri!! I am drooling at the thought of how wonderful those fresh mushrooms must have tasted . . . ohh with cream and lemon and basil and cheese . . . what a fab sauce that would be for fish or chicken, or on pasta!! I like your comparison to being a Master Chef Contestant, for that is exactly what it would feel like to me too. What an adventure!! What a beautiful gift indeed! Happy New Year! xxoo

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