Simple Pleasures

(Soooo…do you all like the new look??)

Welcome to Friday everyone!  The end of the workweek and the beginning of the weekend…Woo Hoo!

I’ve been very busy this week making various jams, butters and chutneys in preparation for the Christmas fair at the end of November.  I’m not only setting up there, but the regular farmer’s market is the next day!  Therefore, it’s a busy, busy time for me over the next three weeks as I’ll need to have enough inventory for both days.

Today, I decided to make more quince butter as I received such a glut of them last week.  In fact, I have more than I could possibly use…I must have gotten about 200 quince.  Unfortunately, they are starting to go bad and I’ve had to dump a good bit of them onto the compost heap in the back garden, but still can salvage many of them.

While I was peeling and cutting up the quince, the postman slipped the mail through the mail slot in the door.  (Nobody seems to have mail boxes in this country…everyone has a mail slot on their front door and the mailman rides a bike to deliver the mail…no mail truck for him!)  I washed my hands and then went to see what goodies came through the magic slot!

As I approached the door, I could see that two catalogs came through…oh goodie!  I LOVE receiving catalogs as they give me an excuse to sit down with a cuppa and peruse through them to see what I’d like to purchase.  Now that doesn’t mean I WILL purchase, but it’s nice to dream.

One of the catalogs was from House of Bath which sells household goods such as rugs, small tables, knick knacks, linens, things for the bath, etc.  I’ve purchased from them before and this is their Christmas catalog.  The other one is from Steamer Trading Cookshop which made my eyes light up and say ‘ooh!’  I adore this store…almost as much as Lakeland  Both of them have stores in Canterbury which is close by, but far enough away that I can’t get to it by walking a couple of miles.  P and I have gone by train on a few occasions and Canterbury is a great little shopping city.  Otherwise I would be spending too much money in both of them, although I do order by phone from Lakeland.

So while the quince are cooking down, I thought I’d go make myself a nice cuppa and my lunch, and have a sit down with my new catalog.

Have a great weekend everyone…and just think, only 51 more shopping days till Christmas!



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