Book Review – Mighty Spice

BOOK REVIEW ~ MIGHTY SPICE by John Gregory-Smith


Earlier this week I had the urge to place an order for more books, some for early Christmas gifts and of course, some cookbooks as gifts to myself!

I have been eying this particular title since I first saw it mentioned in a magazine.  As we have a cabinet filled with spices and knowing how much we cook with them, I thought this the perfect book.

In first flipping through it, I was taken with the amazing photos of the recipes and their vibrant colors.  There are quite a few photos although not all recipes have one.

The recipes range from soups and salads to meats, seafood, vegetarian, rice and noodles and even desserts and drinks.  Most of the recipes are from an Asian cuisine but you’ll also find a few recipes from Mexico, Morocco, Lebanon and Turkey.

The author gives a six-page introduction on his love of spices and his travels around the world and how he grew up in a fresh home-cooked food only household, which gave him his love for cooking.

He gives little snippets about the various places he visited including his pea-podding race with an elderly man in Amritsar!

To simplify things, he has used up to five spices in each recipe.  Ten of the spices are featured throughout the book including cloves, lemon grass, turmeric and star anise.  There are 25 spices in total used throughout the various recipes and images of the spices used are shown at the bottom of each recipe.  Each recipe also gives a ‘Goes Well With’ and lists other recipes and their page numbers.

All recipes give a number of servings (mostly 4) and measurements are given in both imperial and US.  One other nice thing I noticed is that the book stays open regardless of what page you’re on so there’s no holding the pages down with other objects!



There are also two book-mark ribbons attached at the top of the book for your convenience.

I have yet to try any of the recipes, but I’m looking at a couple to start with, those being Vietnamese Chicken with Chilli and Lemongrass and Sri Lankan Deviled Monkfish.

When I make either of these, you will be the first to know!



224 pages Hardcover

Duncan Baird Publishers, London Copyright 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84483-991-9

RRP: £20.00



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