Good day all!

We’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather here for this time of year and so it was perfect for the first of three days of the Broadstairs Food Festival which is now in its third year.  Hubby took Friday off in order to have a wonderful three-day weekend which also included our 6-year wedding anniversary which was on Saturday.

The temps were in the upper 70’s and people were walking around in shorts!  Can you imagine walking around in shorts at the end of September??  The festival was held at the Victoria Gardens down on the promenade under giant white tents.  As this is right at Viking Bay, there were even people on the beach as you can see in this picture.

Viking Bay

Viking Bay looking toward Victoria Gardens

There weren’t many people on the beach, but considering the time of year, there was plenty!  You can just about see the top of the white tents in the distance in the middle of the picture.

Last year they had over 70 stall holders; this year it was close to 100.  It just gets bigger and bigger every year and next year I’m hoping to be one of those stall holders, fingers crossed!

There were several non-food stalls along the promenade getting to the entrance of the main tents.  One of the first stalls we saw was an Owl Sanctuary.  They take in injured and abandoned owls and rehab them back to the wild.

This owl turned its head just as I took its picture!

And there were three more. The one in the back was a barn owl.

We strolled on and went into the main tent area.  There was so much to see and lots of people to see everything!

One of the stalls had this beautiful display of autumn veg, squash and pumpkins in beautiful vibrant colours.

Autumn harvest

There were stalls selling just about anything you could possibly want including cheese, preserves, cider, meats, sausages, olives, cakes, olive oil, herbs, wine, whiskey, hot beverages and several stands selling food you could eat right there.  I did make a few purchases, but not a whole lot.

I got some sausages; pork & black pudding (for the hubby) and pork & Stilton (for me, on occasion – I adore Stilton!), some Kent blue cheese and a bag of dried camomile to make my own tea.

I would have liked to walk around some more but we had other things to do.  All in all, it was a beautiful day.

Heading away from the entrance of the main tents and walking back along the promenade

Looking forward to next year, hoping that the weather is just as nice and that I’ll be one of the stallholders!


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