I had the pleasure of going to the doctor’s office for a check-up last week.  Now as most of you know, I pretty much follow South Beach Diet.  Unfortunately, I have also been eating things here and there that I shouldn’t be.

Prior to me starting SBD back in January 2009, I had been to the doctor’s at that time also, for a check-up.  My cholesterol had been fairly high plus my weight wasn’t that great either; or should I say I had a great amount of weight!

I decided to embark on a healthy eating program and started SBD.  I stayed with it and lost about 28 lbs. which I somewhat kept off…until a few months ago when my weight started creeping back up again and I’ve put back about 7-8 lbs…yuck.  I’m not happy with myself so I was glad to have to go for this check-up.  The good news is that even though I’ve put weight back on, my cholesterol dropped a bit.  The bad news is that my good cholesterol is too low!  Arrggh!!

So now it’s time for me to climb back into that wagon as I haven’t actually fallen off, but I’m not on it completely either.  I’m kind of just hanging on to it.

One of the blogs I’m a fan of is Kalyn’s Kitchen and she posts recipes that are suitable for SBD, so needless to say, I frequent her blog often, however, I’ve slacked off so will be frequenting her blog more often again.  She gives great ideas and sometimes I have a hard time deciding what I’m going to make!

So for now, I will carry on with trying to get my cholesterol and my weight down by being a good girl and following a healthy food plan.

Now, what to have for lunch…


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