Apparently there was an article in the paper recently regarding reports of ignorance at the supermarket checkouts…ignorance of the workers behind the register.

This letter was in response to the article and was sent in by A. Shepherd of Suffolk.  She wrote:

Reports of ignorance at the supermarket checkouts reminded me of an incident in a nearby Tesco.  When I presented a bag of peas in pods, the checkout girl  asked:  Are these beans or peppers?  “They’re peas,” I said, to which she retorted: ‘Don’t be silly, peas are round.’  I had to pod one to convince her.  Sad, isn’t it?

Sad indeed.   Her first question is beyond belief as it is.  How do you not know a bean from a pepper??  As someone who works in a supermarket, she should know her cauliflower from an eggplant.  There was a study done where they asked school children to identify vegetables and fruit and then asked them if they grew under the ground, above ground or on a tree.  The findings where quite scary as many didn’t know.  One child said that potatoes come from a supermarket.  Oh my.

Don’t get me wrong; there are parents who do actually cook a proper meal and their children eat a healthy meal every day and know where fruit and veg come from.  Unfortunately, there are parents who don’t cook for their children.  Their idea of cooking is getting a ready meal from the local supermarket and popping it in the microwave…~ping!~  “Dinner’s ready!”

No wonder there’s an obesity problem here in the UK.


Fig Jam w/Vanilla cooking in Terri’s Kitchen today!


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