I’d like to thank all of you who supplied your thoughts and ideas of pizza toppings…all two of you!

Thank you to Karen and Marie for their input.  Marie, the ingredients you suggested as your favorites, I already use all of them with the exception of the peppers you mentioned.  The reason being is that I forgot about those peppers and I do like them so will have to get some!

Karen, you gave two ingredients that I have not yet used on pizza, but would like to try, those being meatball and capers.  Note, that I have had pizza with meatballs on it, but it’s been a long time since I have.

So…taking everything into account along with my flavor preferences, the winner is….

 * * * * * W I N N E R* * * * *
 Best Pizza Topping Suggester

Happy Birthday, RuthAnn!
49 Today!


2 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…..

  1. You're welcome! It would have been nice if more people would have been involved, but you can't force people to comment, can you? Begging didn't seem to work either! 😉 Today I made Apple Sage Jelly. I had someone ask me at the last market if I had any because she had gotten it from me before. Tomorrow I'll be doing Fig Jam w/Vanilla. I also have a bunch of plums but don't know what I'm doing with those yet. I better decide soon as the market is this Sunday!

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