Another item that I obtained in the mid 70’s was my Betty Crocker Cooky Book.  It  saw me through many a Christmas and other baking times in my teens and well into my 30’s and…um…40’s.

As time went on, the book started to fall apart….well, it DID fall apart.  Partly due to wear and tear, and partly due to one of my pet rabbits deciding to use the binder as a chew toy.  So even though the cover had become separated from the rest of the book, I still baked recipes from it, even going so far as to baking ‘cookies that travel’ that I sent to my then boyfriend Paul who was in Florida at Navy bootcamp at the time.

I had the book nearly 30 years. Then at Christmas in 2003, I received a gift from my brother of a new copy.  Now this wasn’t just any copy…no, this was a FIRST EDITION copy!  It was the eighth printing, but the first edition…a copy of the original book published in 1963.  For a book that was 40 years old, it was and still is, in excellent condition.

Betty’s image has changed and updated over the years, but in 1963, this was only the fourth image and there have been at five updates since, the last one being 1996.  I don’t think her image is used anymore so this would be the last one.

The pictures in the cooky book are without a doubt, dated but the recipes are still a classic.  Just as a side note, I ended up giving my original book to my dear friend Linda, who I hope will cherish it as much as I did (even though the cover has fallen off!)

The last item belonged to my paternal grandmother and it was her recipe box.  It’s just a plain square wooden box with pre-printed recipes.

I don’t know if she actually used them, but they do seem to have some wear to them.  The most interesting thing I found in the box was a hand-written note of her and my grandfather’s budget, dated from around 1937.

My grandfather brought home $37.00 a week with $10 going towards their rent, $2 going for coal and $5 going into the Christmas Club.  Their weekly food bill was $3.15 but my grandmother gave an average of $5.00.  A chicken was 75 cents, a dozen eggs were 20 cents a loaf of bread was 10 cents.  Gas for the car was $1.00!!  Their electricity bill for the week was $1.85.  Nowadays, it’s more like $185!

So these are my kitchen relics…items that are used with love and not left sitting in a drawer or a cabinet.  As long as I’m able to use them, I will continue to do so.

I hope you all enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane.




  1. I HAVE enjoyed my stroll down memory lane Terri! I have that cookie book too, one of my friends on old Zaar sent it to me in a swap, it is great! LOVE the handwritten not of your grandfather's budget, something to treasure.Karen

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