I love getting new cookbooks.  It doesn’t matter if they’re used or new, if they appeal to me, I’ll get it.  However, I do have to curb my buying at times because to tell the truth, I really don’t have the room for more, but sometimes that just doesn’t stop me, especially when I can get them at a great price.

There’s a company here in the UK called The Book People where you can get brand new books of all sorts for up to 75% off their cover prices.  I receive their catalog on occasion and had just received one last week.  In perusing through it, I checked off several books that I wanted, all of them pertaining to food in one way or another…oh wait, sorry…one of them was not about food (The Secret Life of your Cat) but the other five were! 

I got £101 worth of books for less than £35…and free shipping!  You know me…I LOVE a bargain!

I selected two preserving books, a book on natural wonderfoods, a celebrity chef cookbook (Angela Hartnett, A Taste of Home) and my most favorite from one of my most favorite reality cooking shows, The MasterChef Kitchen Bible. Yes, I can cook, but I’m no Micheline Star Chef, and you can never learn too much when it comes to cooking.

So tonight I’m going to attempt a couple of the recipes, White Onion Risotto from Angela and Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Sesame Seeds and Hollandaise from MasterChef.  

Having said that, I think it’s time I get in the kitchen and see what I can prep for now.

I’ve made risotto only once before and I must admit I was very pleased with how it came out…let’s see if I can do as good with the second time.


And just a reminder, I’ve only gotten one suggestion for pizza toppings and I KNOW that more than one person has read that posting.  Pizza night is next Friday, so get your suggestions in!



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