“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” — Julia Child, celebrity chef and cookbook author


In Foodie News this week….

AVON is calling on everyone to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer this year with its Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Baking Set.  It consists of six silicone cupcake holders along with a pink ribbon shape cutter and a heart-shaped cutter.  The set is designed to encourage you to get baking to raise money for a cause that affects 48,000 women in the UK every year.  The set costs £5, with £1.25 going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer while the remainder goes to non-profit projects.  Those of you in the U.S. may want to check with your Avon rep to see if it is available there.


The yellow raspberry went on sale this week in British grocery stores.  The new variety is said to probably be popular with cooks looking to create an extra colorful trifle or pavlova and it has been dubbed the ‘champagne raspberry’ due to its color.  It is also said to be sweeter than its more traditional red cousin.  The color comes from substances in the raspberries which are normally hidden by red pigment.  In this case, a natural genetic change led to the loss of the red; leaving the yellow color to come through.  The berries are being grown for Tesco and will initially be trialled in ten stores in the South East of England.  Hmm….I’ll have to look for them!


Swap that cereal for a boiled egg.  Research has found that post-menopausal women who consume protein throughout the day have less muscle loss and less fat than those on a low protein diet.  Preserving muscles is crucial for preserving mobility in later life.

Terri’s Tasty Tip…

As I’m feeling lazy today, I don’t really have a tip for you, so instead….HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!  It’s pizza night here at Terri’s Kitchen and I’ll be having my favorite tipple to go with that later…a martini!


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