On Wednesday, we took a Thames River Cruise down to Greenwich.  Luckily, the weather cooperated and it didn’t rain while we were on the boat, however it was quite cloudy.  Below are some pictures of the London Eye from the pier and boat.

Shortly after leaving pier

I did manage to get pictures of many of the famous landmarks, so here’s a virtual tour.  There were lots of bridges, so not too sure which one this is; it may be Waterloo Bridge.

I took pictures of many of the buildings along the Thames mainly due to their architectural beauty, even though I have no idea what they are!

Millennium Bridge – The one that is ‘destroyed’ in Harry Potter
London Bridge Hospital
The HMS Belfast

Read about the HMS Belfast here

Parliament & Big Ben

I waited until we got almost past Tower Bridge because it would be a better picture.  They had just raised the bridge for a boat that was in front of us so the bridge was just closing as we went under it.

I will leave you with this as we headed to Greenwich to go see the Prime Meridian Line.  Until next time…..

Terri’s Tasty London Tip…

Remember that in the UK, we drive on the left, so remember to look right before stepping off the curb, especially in London as you’re liable to be struck down by a London Taxi!


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