A young woman sat down in a small diner and the waitress came over to take her order. “I’ll have a hamburger please.” “Burger!” the waitress yelled over her shoulder. Then the woman added. “Make that well done.” The waitress turned away again and yelled, “Torture it!”

On Tuesday night we went out for my big birthday dinner to Murano which is run and owned by celebrity chef Angela Hartnett.

We were seated immediately in very comfortable, cream coloured, leather chairs at a round table covered in white linen.

Dining Room at Murano

Our waiter came over as soon as we were seated to see what beverages we wanted to start with.  Some of you may remember in one of my earlier posts,  the disaster that ensued when I attempted to order a martini at a restaurant.  Well as I’m a glutton for punishment, I thought I would try again, although I felt pretty safe that I would actually get a proper martini here.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it, but I must say that the bartender gets a 10 out of 10 for perfection!  The gin was smooth, the proportion of gin to vermouth, perfect, along with a twist of lemon and the martini glass was thin making the drinking of it even better.

The Bar at Murano w/part of the wine selection behind

The first item to be brought out was a wooden board of crusty bread and Parma ham with olive oil.  One of many items we devoured in a short span of time!
My first starter is on the home page when you click on ‘Murano’ above.  It was a scallop dish with broad bean puree, apple and Pata Negra. My second starter was San Marzano tomatoes with smoked ricotta and black olive powder.  Again, I forgot to get pictures and I do apologise.  So far, everything was delicious.

For the main entree, I had the Monkfish Meuniere (a sauce of butter, parsley and lemon) with razor clams, tomato, lardo and almond puree. (I finally remembered to take pictures!)


My brother A had the sea bass with anchovy toast, grapefruit cream, peas and baby gem, but I think some of the veggies were changed due to availability.

Sea Bass

P & J both had the pork dish of shoulder, fennel, langoustines (which were replaced with shrimp) and bitter orange.

Pork Medley

During the meal, I happened to spot Angela at one of the other tables talking to the patrons.  I thought that she may have been going around to the tables but that wasn’t the case as she went back into the kitchen after chatting to the people for a few minutes.  My brother asked one of the waiters if Angela could come out at some point and he said he would see what he could do.  The evening progressed and we were at desert and they brought out a slice of custard pie for me….

How cool was that?  Another item that was brought out was a three-tiered plate with small scoops of different flavoured sorbet. (yes, I forget to get a picture again!) Some were unusual flavours as one was basil which the waiter suggested we try last as the others were more sweet than savory.

After we had this, I needed to use the restroom.  When I came out, who was at our table but Angela!  She had just come out of the kitchen and to our table when I headed to the restroom.  She chatted with us a bit and I asked her if I could get a picture and so she obliged….

After that, the waiter came over with a cart full of different cheeses.  He explained what each one was (there had to be at least a dozen different cheeses!) and we picked about 7 or 8 of them which he then sliced off a piece of each one and placed them on a wooden board for all of us.  All I can say is…exquisite!

It was a great evening with great food and most important, spent with the people I love.  Thank you again, A & J…Love you!



  1. Fabulous looking meal Terri! Presentation is everything isn't it! You could probably cook the same food at home and it could taste just as nice, but unless you presented it in the same way it somehow wouldn't taste as good, if that makes any sense!! Looks like you had a fab time with your brother! xxoo

  2. Well this is the dinner my brother paid for. Three of us had the three-course dinner at £65 and my brother had the four-course at $75. We also had two bottles of white wine and even picking the two cheapest bottles, that's £81. This does not include our pre-dinner drinks. Both my hubby and I had the martini and I have a feeling it was top, top shelf gin. I don't remember what my brother had and my sis-in-law just had water…so feel free to do the math! Don't forget the 12.5% gratuity fee they add on. Let's put it this way…it was cheaper than where I had originally wanted to go…Le Gavrouche…my brother would have had to remortgage his house!

  3. WOW WOW WOW! What a brilliant evening Terri ~ Angela is one of my VERY favourite chefs and the whole evening looks like it was magical! Was it terribly expensive there? I mean I know it will be pricey as you get what you pay for, but I just wondered if it was off the scale or as you would expect! KarenA belated Happy Birthday too!

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