On Tuesday, we all went our separate ways and would meet up back at the hotel before going to dinner at Murano.

My brother was going to the London branch of his company to meet up with the people there and bring them some American goodies.  My sis-in-law was going to an afternoon show at the Shakespeare Globe theatre to see Much Ado About Nothing.  I wanted to go to a spice shop and a book store that were on the same street in Notting Hill…so onto the Tube we went! 

We found a little place called Mike’s Cafe to have some breakfast and sat at the table on the left that was located outside.

The weather was pleasant and it was on a quiet street…perfect!  The food was great, the portions huge and the price was cheap…what more could you want?  I ordered a Spanish omelette with chips/fries.  My other choice was to get a salad with it but since it was breakfast, I chose the chips.  However, our friendly waiter informed me that the omelette had potatoes in it and asked if I would prefer to have the salad…so, I had the salad.

You can see how huge this platter was…and I had eaten some already!  The other nice thing is that when you order coffee, they ask if you want milk and if so, you get a latte as you can see in the upper right corner. This happened in most of the eateries we were in.  How cool is that?

After breakfast, we strolled around to the two shops; the first one being The Spice Shop.  As we already have what seems like hundreds of spices, I only made a small purchase of some Sweet Spanish Paprika.  We then went across the street to Books for Cooks.  Of course, I just HAD to buy another book on preserves as I don’t have enough! (I only had nine so why not make it an even 10!) I chose….

I haven’t made anything from it yet, but give me time!

Terri’s Tasty London Tip…

Your favorite beer or ale is always just around the corner in London as there are over 7000 pubs in the city to choose from!


2 thoughts on “NOTTING HILL/LONDON – PART 4

  1. Glad you're enjoying it and I hope everyone is! Yes, there will be a part 5 and probably a couple more after that, but I'm going to take a little break from London for a couple of days and post some proper foodie things, so…watch this space!

  2. I am LOVING my virtual trip to London with you Terri, and I LOVE Notting Hill and the surrounding area too! That book looks great ~ and that omelette was GARGANTUAN! Looking forward to part 5 ~ is there one?Karen

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