What did the Catholic Church call its new fat-free, low-calorie communion wafer?

“I can’t believe it’s not Jesus!”

I happen to be a fan of the South Beach Diet and have been since it was first introduced back in 2004. It’s similar to the Atkins Diet, but you get to eat more ‘good’ carbs than on Atkins. The first time I tried SBD, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how much food you get to eat without counting calories or points or having to really measure or weigh everything.  I lost 15 lbs. and was even happier.  However, as most diets go, I fell off the wagon and regained what I lost and then some. 😦

Then in January 2010, I went to the doctor for a check-up and found that I was having too much caffeine which was giving me heart palpitations and my cholesterol was too high and of course, I was overweight by about 45 lbs.  Way too much for someone of my height (5′ 0″).  I decided that it was time to get myself healthy considering I was approaching the big 5-0!

The only thing to do was to go back to what I know worked…THE SOUTH BEACH DIET!

I already had the original book that was published back in 2004, but I knew that other SB titles were available, so I immediately headed to the book store and found the book ‘South Beach Diet Supercharged’.  About two weeks later, I found the SBD Cookbook at a charity shop no less!  How serendipitous is that?!

I won’t go into great detail about how the diet works….you can read that for yourself if you want, but I will say that the first two weeks (Phase 1) are the most strict…no starches or sugary foods of any kind, no refined white bread, cakes, pasta or rice, no fruit and definitely no alcohol.  The idea is to help your body lose the cravings for sugar and the foods that made you gain weight.  You get to eat three meals a day, plus two snacks.  You get to have ‘good’ fats such as olive oil or rapeseed oil.  You even get dessert!  Phase 2 re-introduces good carbs such as whole grains and fruit.  The best thing about SB is you lose belly fat first…what’s not to love about that?

So I embarked on my weight loss journey with gusto and without telling anyone except hubby, at least not for a while.  I lost 5 lbs. in the first week…woo hoo!  Then after that, it was 1-2 lbs. a week…the weight was just falling off of me.  It was great because clothes that were a bit tight on me were now fitting perfectly and eventually I had to go out and buy new clothes because my current clothes were falling off of me!  It took me about 6-7 months to lose 30 lbs and I was down three clothing sizes…what a fabulous feeling…I felt good and looked good!

I hit a plateau and stayed at the same weight up until Christmas last year.  Uh oh, Christmas!  The time of year when we eat, drink and be merry.  Unfortunately, I was doing more eating and drinking and not enough merrying!  But I said to myself that I would get back on the wagon ‘after the holidays’…famous last words.  Well I’ve kind of gotten back on, but I seem to still be somewhat hanging off it a bit.  Needless to say, I’ve slowly put about 6 lbs. back on which doesn’t sound like much, but boy, can I feel the difference in my jeans!

I’ve been telling myself the past 2-3 weeks that I need to be eating properly because we are going away in a couple of weeks to meet up with my brother and sis-in-law in London.  Well it’s finally sunk in that I need to give myself a kick in the butt and push myself up into that wagon and tie me down so I stay there!

I’ve got just shy of two weeks to lose that 6 lbs.  I’ve done it before and by golly, I’m going to do it again…I hope!  If not, I won’t fit into my white crop jeans I just got!

Terri’s Tasty Tip…

Here’s a SBD Phase 1 breakfast for you to try…

Morning Mocha Smoothie

4oz/120ml skimmed milk
8oz/225g fat-free natural yogurt
1 tsp instant coffee powder (more or less to taste)
2 Tbsp/30ml sugar-free chocolate syrup or 1 Tbsp cocoa powder
Artificial sweetener of your choice (I use a spoonful of agave nectar)
6 ice cubes

Blend all until thick and frothy.  Pour into a large glass and enjoy!

Eat healthy, live healthy!


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