My friend finally finished her book about cooking with herbs…it’s about thyme.


As it’s pouring rain here today, I decided to do an inventory of my herb and spice cabinet.  Yes, that’s right, I said ‘cabinet’ as opposed to ‘rack’.  We have one whole shelf dedicated to our spices as we have quite a few; probably not much room left for too many more.

Is 57 jars too much??

I’m surprised we haven’t broken any because when one of us is looking for a specific jar, we have to move things around in here, even going so far as to actually removing jars to see what’s behind them.  Some jars are in another cabinet due to lack of space.

So do you want to take a peek into our spice cabinet?   Granted, we don’t use all of them, all the time, but it’s nice to have a specific herb or spice when you come across it in a new recipe.

I’ve given them a 1-5 star rating system according to usage, one star being rarely and five stars being very often.  Your ratings may vary….

***** basil / cayenne pepper / cumin powder / cinnamon, ground & sticks / dill weed / garlic powder / nutmeg / oregano / paprika / pepper flakes / parsley / rosemary / thyme

**** bay leaves / cardamom pods, green / coriander powder / mint leaves / onions, dried / peppercorns / sage / poppy seeds / sesame seeds / turmeric

*** chives / coriander seeds / cloves / cumin seeds / fennel seeds / star anise

** allspice, ground & berries / chili powder / chinese five-spice / celery salt / coriander leaves / curry powder / garam masala /  mixed spice / mustard seeds / taragon

* asafoetida powder / black cardamom pods / black onion seeds / black cumin seeds / caraway seeds / curry leaves / fenugreek seeds / galangal / kaffir lime leaves / mace blades / saffron / sezchuan peppercorns

We also have some spice mixes that we have made up ourselves; one of which is Peter’s chili blend which we use often when doing Indian cooking…oh yeah, and a tin of Old Bay…now if we can only get proper crabs here…

Terri’s Tasty Tip…

Do you have some leftover bread that’s starting to go stale?  If you don’t want to throw it out for the birds, cut it up into cubes, put into a ziplock bag and put in the freezer.  Use it later for making croutons or stuffing.  Add to the bag as needed until you have enough for what you need it for.  I usually fill up a two-cup Pyrex glass measuring cup to make stuffing; enough to feed 3-4 people.  For croutons, take out what you need, toss with some olive oil and herbs, spread onto a baking tray and bake at 350F 8-10 minutes, or until golden brown and crunchy.

Cook, Eat and be Merry!



  1. I have tons of herbs and spices as well Terri, and an herb garden in the back yard where I grow fresh herbs. It must be the sign of a good cook, do you think? xxoo

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