On Saturday my darling hubby took me out for my birthday dinner. We drove to his mum’s and left the car there, and walked down the High Street into our lovely coastal town of Broadstairs

Broadstairs High Street

On the way, we stopped in a pub for a quick beverage prior to dinner.  Having not had a Guinness in some time, I decided to indulge in a pint while hubby opted for a local brew.  We sat at a table near an open window that looked out onto the High Street so we could do a bit of ‘people watching’ while we sipped our brews.

We then headed down towards the restaurant, but decided to take a slight detour to look at Viking Bay.  As you can see, the tide was out.

Viking Bay at Low Tide

We then strolled to Restaurant 54  We had not eaten here before and the menu looked decent, so we decided to give it a shot.  We were shown to our table and the host (Joe) asked us if we would like a drink.  Hubby ordered a beer, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted just yet.  Joe went to get P’s beer while I pondered on my decision.  I decided to ask for a martini…

big mistake.

I went to the bar (which was right behind us) and asked Joe for a ‘real’ martini…a gin martini.  (Let me explain that when you ask for a martini in this country, they will give you vermouth…the brand name of the vermouth being Martini.  This brand also has three different vermouths…sweet, dry and extra dry.) So I tried to explain how I wanted it made:  two parts gin, one part vermouth with a twist of lemon, shaken, not stirred, conjuring up images of James Bond.  Pretty much, it should look like this…

Well perhaps I should have been a bit more clear in what I wanted.  As I did not take pictures on the night, I have recreated, to the best of my ability, the martinis as they came out. (yes, notice that the word martini is plural…and I had only one)

The first one came out with ice in it…

I won’t even mention that it wasn’t in a martini glass.  I asked him to drain the ice out…he apologized and brought it out again.  Dear reader, take note that I did not hear any shaking of liquid in a cocktail shaker so can only assume that it was stirred.  The second one came out…

You can’t see it in this picture, but it not only had a slice of lemon in it, I could see all the pulp of the lemon floating around.  I thought to myself that since he really didn’t know what he was doing, I was going to let it slide and drink it anyway…until I brought it to my lips and could smell and taste sweet vermouth.  I had no choice but to tell him which vermouth he should have used.

Third time’s a charm?

Needless to say, he had to start over from scratch, but at least it ended up with a twist of lemon and the right vermouth.  I can only say that it got the job done.

I do have to say that both the food and service were excellent and that we would definitely go there again…I just won’t be ordering a martini.

The ironic thing is that sitting on the bar as decoration, was a 3-foot tall martini glass!  Hopefully I won’t have the same problem when we go to London next month….


Terri’s Tasty Tip…

When grabbing an apple to eat on the way out the door, take 10 seconds to core it.  This way, you can eat the whole apple without having to worry about where to throw out the core!

Happy Noshing!


2 thoughts on “SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED

  1. Yes, I hear you Marie! I have learned my lesson! I only started drinking martinis about a year ago. Mind you, I usually have one on Friday night and that's all I have. They are a strong drink so it takes me most of the evening to finish it off.

  2. When in Rome Terri, when in Rome!! I have never had a real martini. Sounds like you had a nice Birthday regardless. I love Broadstairs. It's got a nice feel to it. xxoo

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