I ended up with about 36 oz. of juice to make my jelly.  Put that into the preserving pan along with the proper amount of sugar and slowly brought it to a boil.

While that was heating up, I prepared the jars for sterilizing.

Jars ready for sterilizing

The jars and lids are washed in hot soapy water, rinsed, and placed on a paper towel-lined oven tray.  I put them into a cold oven and turn it on to around 225F. for about 30-45 minutes while the jelly is cooking.  The jars need to be hot when you fill them.

Setting point…almost there!

I know it’s hard to see in this photo but setting point is 105C on this thermometer and we’re just about there…

When potting, I added a few fresh elderflowers to each jar for effect.

I’ll make labels tomorrow for these.  I’m now working on plum jam…..


Terri’s Tasty Tip… 

When cooking with honey, coat the measuring spoon with a drop of veggie oil (spread it around with your finger) and the honey will just drip right off.

Honey gives amazing moisture to cookies and cakes and extends their shelf life, too.

Having a spoonful of unprocessed honey before bed can support your brain-function.  The fructose in the honey is stored as energy reserves in the liver, ready to fuel the brain overnight.  Brain activity doesn’t stop when you sleep, it is constant, so requires a continuous energy charge.  The honey provides this so that you wake feeling refreshed.

Is your honey jar just about empty?  Are you about to throw it away?  Please don’t.  Scrape it out once more.  If you find only a tenth of a teaspoon of honey, you have made the life of the honeybee worthwhile.  This amount represents the total amount of honey collected by one bee during her entire life.

Eat Well!


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