Welcome to Terri’s Kitchen! 

I’ve decided to join the blog bandwagon and hope that I don’t bore too many of you, so come on in and sit down and have a nice cuppa with a biscuit.  As I have recently started going through the process in life that women of a certain age go through,  I’ve been trying to eat and drink things to help me along the way, which means eating and drinking more soy products, (milk, tofu) staying away from sugar, eating wholegrains and avoiding white flour whenever possible.  So far, so good. 

On the menu tonight is luscious lamb steaks which have been marinating in golden olive oil with fresh tarragon and mint.  To be served with freshly steamed broccoli and mushroom risotto.  The steaks will be cooked in my very heavy cast iron pan which I inherited from my paternal grandmother.

Ta ta!


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